Subject: Re: app packages
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 01/25/2007 12:21:58
Yeah, I've been thinking about a meta-pkg for a while now, as most end
users will not expect nor want to have to manually install every
little thing themselves.  IMHO they went a little overboard when they
decided to modularize font-alias. ;)  Anyone that would install an X
server without xauth, xinit, nor xterm I doubt would want to use a
meta-pkg anyway.

Basically, I think it should be organized roughly like the monolithic
build, as that seems the most coherent to me, e.g. you don't need
xinit before the libraries.  Of course, the difference here is that
pkgsrc takes care of dependencies so that we don't need to have a lib

I do want to use options for libX11 (see my pkg in wip) and more
options for the server (various platforms will probably need this when
we get there).  The server should also have multiple PLISTs depending
upon whether you want Xprint, Xdmx, etc.

And I know people will take issue with this, but I think it might be a
good idea for the meta-pkg to turn on most available options for most
of the packages.  Given that we can define various options selectively
depending upon what the host supports, I see no harm in defining, e.g.
PKG_OPTIONS.libX11=i18n-loadable in the meta-pkg because it won't be
available without dlopen(), etc.  It is my feeling that most users
will want close to everything, as most people are expecting an X
installation resembling what the monolithic build provides.

We can also, then, add options for drivers a la x11/xorg-server.  Most
users I doubt need every tablet and video driver installed; moreover,
installing them all defeats one of the advantages of modularization.

In other news, I'm also making a package for the openbsd wscons
pointing device input driver.  From looking at the code, it seems like
there's a good chance it will work.  This way zaurus users can
eventually have modular  Unfortunately, there is no tarball for
this driver that I can find, but it is present with a configure script
in their xenocara modular tree.  The last time I checked, IIRC,
this tree is not available via FTP, so I'm kinda stumped at how to
make a package for this without including a tarball in
${.CURDIR}/files.  If a developer could put this tarball in their directory, it would be helpful.



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