Subject: Re: app packages
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 01/25/2007 10:34:37
On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Blair Sadewitz wrote:

> In wip, there are completed packages for app/appres, app/beforelight,
> app/bitmap, and app/editres.  More on the way.


If you are interested, can you make a meta-package for all of this?

Maybe call it wip/modular-xorg?

Have a look at meta-pkgs/xorg for an example (but not Makefile.common).
And look at meta-pkgs/web-server as more simple example.

Then end-users can try it out.

You don't have to package everything of course :)

As for me, I have been packaging things as I need them so I can help 
some too.

Thanks again,

  Jeremy C. Reed