Subject: goffice/gnumeric on darwin/macosx
To: None <>
From: Jussi Liukkonen <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 01/11/2007 15:07:57

it seems that goffice (0.2.2 from pkgsrc-2006Q4) still defines 
fmin() internally. This is in conflict with c99, and causes a link 
failure in darwin (macosx 10.4.8 ppc). #ifndef __APPLE__ around
the static fmin() in gog-radar.c makes goffice build, and gnumeric 
(1.6.3 from pkgsrc-2006Q4) works ok...

I had a chat with the maintainer and all use of fmin() has apparently 
been dropped from gnumeric+goffice "some time ago". There seems 
even to be goffice 0.3.5 available -- is there a reason why pkgsrc is 
still using 0.2.x?

Also I see gnumeric 1.7.6 available, while pkgsrc has 1.6.3... some 
update potential there as well, maybe? There are a bunch of .xls 
compatibiliy improvements in the 1.7 series.

- Jussi