Subject: firefox 1.5 font issues on netbsd/macppc
To: None <>
From: Emmanuel Kasper <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 11/27/2006 21:10:31
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Hello David
I have experimented exactly the same fonts issues as you described here, so I will also share my experience and results.

The results of my our own findings are : 
- - as you stated it seems that the file ppc situated in www/firefox has not no influence on the build.

- -according to pkgsrc documentations, if you want to specify your own CFLAGS you should do it in /etc/mk.conf. But in this case it does not work. Why ? Because a level of gcc optimisation is set in www/firefox/Makefile.common (why here ? ).   And if you add your own CFLAGS via /etc/mk.conf, the CFLAGS set by this www/firefox/Makefile.common go to the end of the gcc command line when you compile, which means they override those from /etc/mk.conf (see man gcc )  

- -So after editing www/firefox/Makefile.common I was able to made an unoptimised build (-O0) of firefox-gtk1. Did not try yet with standard firefox, but that will be he next step.  

- - with this unoptimized build and by setting  parameter to "always use my fonts", the display glitches are gone ! 

Since you said even with unoptimized build, you had the display glitches, did you checked that -O0 applied to both gcc and g++ ? 
- From firefox, the about:buildconfig page shows you the necessary informations.



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