Subject: Re: Asian language support in X11 / KDE / Gnome etc.?
To: None <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 11/17/2006 03:32:53
That's funny, I clicked on that link and everything rendered
beautifully.  I never made any special effort to view Chinese
characters whatsoever!  If only RAIDFrame were that easy all the time!

Seriously, though, try a search for "chinese" at


On 11/16/06, Christian Biere <> wrote:
> Hauke Fath wrote:
> > Am 15.11.2006 um 18:02 Uhr +0100 schrieb Christian Biere:
> > >Hauke Fath wrote:
> > >Have you tried fonts/efont-unicode?
> > That one installs without anything dumping core, but it does not
> > bring me any Chinese characters. The project's homepage has a table
> > of supported languages/character sets, but I am not sure what to look
> > for...
> Have you followed the instructions in the MESSAGE file so that the fonts
> are really available under X11? You might have to configure applications
> to explicitely use these fonts.
> Look for CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean). I can't really tell whether it's
> sufficient for a Chinese user but I've rarely seen any text that couldn't
> be rendered.
> $ curl -Ls --url | less
> would be a simple check for the terminal. I can't read it but mlterm
> with efonts seems to render the text fine. Most terminals cannot handle
> this at all or are horribly slow/broken/bloated.
> --
> Christian

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