Subject: Re: Munin-(node|server)
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 11/15/2006 22:37:49
> > Munin is a neat monitoring program which creates graphs of various
> > things, like mrtg. However, since the new version, they officially
> > support NetBSD (! \o/ !).
> >
> > pkgsrc has 1.3.1 where 1.3.3 is the first with "official" NetBSD
> > support. This also means that it has NetBSD-proof scripts with it.
> > Therefor I think it would be great to have it upgraded to 1.3.3 and=
> > may also mean that on or more of the 5 patches now included in pkgs=
rc to
> > make it work may be dropped :)

OK, I'll take that down on my TODO list.  I got a notice when my
diffs were integrated, but at that time there was no release with
the changes included.  (BTW, the NetBSD support in 1.3.3 should
be basically the same we have in our local diffs + files in pkgsrc.)


- H=E5vard