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Date: 11/13/2006 16:50:03
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On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 22:31:08 +0100
Lubomir Sedlacik <> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 05:06:30AM -0600, Przemysław Pawełczyk wrote:
> > Taking the advice seriously I'm posting my remarks and questions to
> > port-i386@, netbsd-users@, and pkgsrc-users@ at the same time.
> perhaps it's because people have no idea what are you talking about.
> I certainly don't.


Perhaps my English is less polish(ed) than my Polish.

Let me say I've jump over into the NetBSD territory from neighbour Debian junkyard. There was no problem to setup good looking themes and smooth fonts for both the GTK applications - GTK+ and GTK2.

But before I explain my problems to you further let me quote other post I've send to

"I used to run nedit so I've had to setup iso-8859-2 char set. But I use Sylpheed as well which is gtk2 application. Too many times I got the message: GLib: Cannot convert message: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'pl_PL.ISO8859-2' is not supported.

What should I do to untie the Gordian knot?

I'm also interested in scripting with Xdialog which is of GTK+ origin. Why cron reports me:
Xdialog: Error initializing the GUI...
Do you run under X11 with GTK+ v1.2.0+ installed ?

Yes, I got it installed and gtk2 as well.

As you know Nedit can be set with 1 byte char set. More on this I like to have English environment well within my system but Polish characters when typing text (that's been set via X86Config file). In the meantime Sylpheed is UTF enabled so it needs conversion utility (which one? I dunno!).

When I said "I badly need gtk:" and listed the main gtk+ and gtk2 components I knew very well what I wanted to say. How the hell can I make the two applications look on my desktop the same and have no problems with char set conversions without cohesive GTK policy within NetBSD packages?

Then I only gently asked for a quick look into available binaries as far as GTK is concerned. All the files I'd like to see in NetBSD repository and which I used in GNU/Debian Linux are dispersed through all three flavors of BSD distros - FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. That's the cause I suggested to use my "xBSD Binary File Index Browser".
Look to the output of the script (theme-switch was searched; f: FreeBSD, n NetBSD, o: OpenBSD):

=== grep on >>> All BSD packages <<<

[01 f] gtk-theme-switch-1.0.1_3.tbz          09/17/06     03:54:00   16 KB

[01 n] gtk2-theme-switch-2.0.0rc2nb6.tgz     12-Oct-2006  08:40       13kB

[01 o] gtk-theme-switch-1.0.1.tgz            23-Sep-2006  19:05        14K
[02 o] gtk2-theme-switch-2.0.0rc2p2.tgz      23-Sep-2006  19:05        12K

Please use the "browser" and check other GTK files. All are scattered throu xBSD. In other words NetBSD lacks some gtk files.

I also replied to Tobias Nygren who didn't catch up what I ment. That remark forced me to proliferate my questions to other mailing groups:

> I don't understand exactly what you're trying to get at,
> but your inquiry is probably better suited for the pkgsrc-users@ list.

One of the neverending story of NetBSD is whether it is suitable for Desktop usage or not. If you want to have a nice looking apps you have to have the right tools to do it. One of them are gtk-theme-switches etc. as far as both gtk-1.2 and gtk-2.0 libs are used. Some of the tools are in binary forms. But the GTK Subject is rather kinda orphanned in NetBSD as I don't want to say botched up.

NetBSd has a lot of mailing lists. Too mach as far as I'm concerned. I've wrote here, I hope many developers reads most of them. If some of you is in close contact to programmers my list was sent to the right address.

I hope I've cleared up your misunderstanding.

Did I explain the subject I came with to all the mailing groups in full now?


> > Przemysław Pawełczyk wrote:
> > >
> > > I badly need gtk:
> > > gtk+, gtk2
> > > themes collections
> > > gtk-engines, gtk2-engines (gtk-engines2)
> > > gtk-theme-switch,gtk2-theme-switch
> > >
> > > NetBSD offers Nedit (gtk+) and Sylpheed (gtk2). But there's no
> > > cohesive "politics" concerning the library subject on NetBSD side.
> > >
> > > This is there, that is here, etc. A few single themes will not
> > > resolve the inconsistency in GTK pkgs pool. IMHO we can observe
> > > total mish-mash. I should mix up all three BSDs to get what I need.
> > >
> > > I know all the works are being done on a voluntary basis but if some
> > > of you programmers cleaned up the mess I'd be gratefull and many of
> > > us would appreciate the job.
> > >
> > > You can compare binaries from three BSD systems using my "xBSD
> > > Binary File Index Browser"
> > > (
> regards,
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> -- Lubomir Sedlacik <salo@{NetBSD,Xtrmntr,silcnet}.org>   --

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