Subject: pkgsrc-Solaris9 download problems ?
To: None <>
From: Mehul N. Sanghvi <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 11/09/2006 15:22:22

     I've got pkgsrc installed on a Solaris 9 system and no matter what package 
I'm trying to build, I get the following type of message:

bash-2.05# bmake install
=> Required installed package digest>=20010302: digest-20060826 found
===> Checking for vulnerabilities in patch-2.5.4nb2
checksum: patch-2.5.4.tar does not exist
ERROR: Make sure the Makefile and checksum file (/usr/pkgsrc/devel/patch/distinfo)
ERROR: are up to date.  If you want to override this check, type
ERROR: "/usr/pkg/bin/bmake NO_CHECKSUM=yes [other args]".
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/patch

------ END ERROR MESSAGE -----

I look /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles and nothing has gotten downloaded.  If I do

     bash-2.05# bmake fetch-list | sh

then it downloads what is needed and puts it in /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles and is 
able to proceed with the build.  I am using pkgsrc-current and have run 'cvs 
update -Pd' in /usr/pkgsrc several times.

Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas as to what could be going wrong ?



Mehul N. Sanghvi