Subject: Re: Problems with 2006Q3
To: None <>
From: Hrvoje =?utf-8?q?Habjani=C4=87?= <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 11/03/2006 10:09:50
On Friday 03 November 2006 08:54, Roland Illig wrote:
> > 2. wrapper-buildcmd.patch
> > This one is my favorite. In short, Tru64 doent't have strict policy to
> > put "imported" libraries in /usr/local or something similar. They all end
> > up in default places. This include libraries like libjpeg and libz. Of
> > course, those installed in default location are some quite old versions,
> > custom made, needed for normal os operation (gui administration tools).
> > Of course, ld linker first searches default places, and then if it
> > doesn't found library, it searches for it in directories listed in "-L"
> > flags.
> > So, i needed a way to modify linker search order to succesufuly compile
> > netpbm package. For Tru 64 ld, to disable default search path, one must
> > include "-L" empty option on command line. Of course, wrapper libraries
> > doesn't allow this - then concatenate anything that comes after
> > "-L"<space>. Instead of complicating with regular expressions, i
> > introduced new flag "-no-std-libs", which bypasses sink wrappers (and
> > others). This, probably, can be done better, but it works for me - all
> > that needs to be done is to put this flag in LDFLAGS directive in
> > mk.conf.
> This is rather interesting. It looks good, I only fear that the name
> "-no-std-libs" is a little too generic. It also reminds me of the gcc
> -nostdlib option, which _might_ be confused with yours. Since yours is a
> hack especially for Tru64, maybe the option could have "osf1" or "tru64"
> in its name?

Yes, why not.

Then again, Joerg solution sounds good ... Maybe there can be configurable 
option, which all OSes can use, something like "disable-all-std-libs", which 
will make links only for libc and libm in pkgsrc lib directory. If there is 
need for some other system libs out of pkgsrc, it's easy to make extra link 
or two ...