Subject: Re: Ruby-iconv fails to find pkg db4
To: None <>
From: Loren M. Lang <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/25/2006 22:58:49
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Loren M. Lang wrote:
> OBATA Akio wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 12:39:23 -0700, Loren M. Lang wrote:
>>> This is an OpenPGP/MIME signed message (RFC 2440 and 3156)
>>> Now I am installing ruby18-iconv onto my linux box using pkgsrc.
>>> ruby18-base is already installed and working properly, but when
>>> ruby18-iconv tries to install, the configure stage fails to find icon=
>>> in the standard C library:
>> This issue was occuered because ruby use bdb, zlib, openssl and so on,=

>> but any of lang/ruby/*.mk didn't include those buildlink3 files
>> so if those packages were built-in, module could build, otherwise fail=
> I included the file for db4 into the ruby-iconv Makefile
> in pkgsrc-2006Q2 and it was able to build successfully.  I guess I need=

> to do some reasearch into the buildlink files.  Why does pkgsrc try to
> override the arguments passed to libtool?  This seems to be specific to=

> pkgsrc, I don't think the FreeBSD ports does this.

I had a similar problem with subversion-base not finding gssapi.  Adding
the to the makefile for subversion-base fixed similarly to
the fix for ruby-iconv.  Am I running into these problems because I am
using heimdal and db4 from pkgsrc whereas a normal NetBSD system has
these in the base system?  If so, then should I submit patches for these
makefiles in a PR?

Also, I had a third similar problem with ruby-gdbm not finding gdbm
installed from pkgsrc.  I do have an older gdbm installed in the base
system, but no development files, no headers, .a, .so, or .la files.
Just the versioned library files exist.  All the development files for
gdbm exist under the /usr/pkg prefix though.  I checked to see if it had
a buildlink file and this time it did include a buildlink file for
databases/gdbm so I am not sure what the problem is this time.

>> Now fixed in HEAD (and ruby18-iconv is integrated into ruby18-base).
>> --
>> "Of course I love NetBSD":-)
>> OBATA Akio /

Loren M. Lang

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