Subject: Re: Build problems for liboil on netbsd-macppc
To: None <,>
From: David H. GUTTERIDGE <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/23/2006 03:43:25
>In any case, I think it's a bug in liboil, given that the -maltivec flag is
>added during the altivec test, but not during the build phase, or am I 
>I have somehow resolved the relocation issues that I described earlier
>(Unsupported relocation type 10 in non-PLT relocations). There are only a
>couple of functions that use that type of relocation, and they are both
>assembler-optimized-altivec-version of memcpy and memset, so I axed them 
>and got rid of those messages.
>While the fix is pretty small (a line changed in a it involves
>rerunning automake. How should this be handled, making a big patch for all 
>files changed after the rerun of automake ?
>(I know this is not exactly 'fixing' the problem, but it's what I can do 
>now, at least until I can get some advice from someone more expert, maybe 
>the liboil ml ).


This problem was reported to the liboil mailing list:

I later opened a bug report for it:

A related problem is that liboil seems to assume if it's compiling for 
it's safe to employ Altivec instructions  In my case, I'm running an old 
SE with a G3 processor that doesn't support Alivec instructions, yet liboil
still tries to compile them in.