Subject: pkg_chck errors
To: None <>
From: Mehul N. Sanghvi <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/18/2006 16:07:00
So I've updated my /usr/pkgsrc to the HEAD of the CVS tree.  I had to update my 
pkg_install package because when I was doing a 'bmake update' for one of the 
packages, it complained about that not being up to date.  That worked fine.

I am now seeing the following when I do a 'pkg_chck -c':

bash-2.05# pkg_chk -c -k
libiconv-1.10nb3: version mismatch - libiconv-1.9.2nb1
db4-4.4.20: version mismatch - db4-4.3.28
apr- version mismatch - apr-
gettext-lib-0.14.6: version mismatch - gettext-lib-0.11.5nb4
libmm-1.4.0: version mismatch - libmm-1.3.1
libtool-base-1.5.22nb3: version mismatch - libtool-base-1.5.18nb3
subversion-base-1.4.0: version mismatch - subversion-base-1.2.0
zlib-1.2.3: version mismatch - zlib-1.2.2nb1
WARNING: No lang/perl58/Makefile - package moved or obsolete?
tcl-8.4.13: version mismatch - tcl-8.4.9
tcl-itcl-current-20040920nb4: version mismatch - tcl-itcl-current-20040920nb3
tk-expect-5.43.0nb1: version mismatch - tk-expect-5.43.0
bmake: "../../security/tcp_wrappers/../../security/tcp_wrappers/" 
line 20: Need an operator
bmake: "../../security/tcp_wrappers/../../security/tcp_wrappers/" 
line 28: Makefile appears to contain unresolved cvs/rcs/??? merge conflicts
bmake: "../../security/tcp_wrappers/../../security/tcp_wrappers/" 
line 38: Need an operator
bmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
/usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_chk[9]:  bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/net/net-snmp:  not found
bash-2.05# pwd



Mehul N. Sanghvi