Subject: Re: pkgsrc download / individual strategies?
To: None <>
From: Jamie <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/03/2006 02:24:41
In <>,
"Morgan Reed" <> mentions:
>On 02 Sep 2006 12:31:24 GMT, Jamie <> wrote:
>It is possible to checkout parts of the pkgsrc tree individually
>however there are some complications, for instance if you only want
>shells/bash you can check it out from the tree, but you will find that
>you also have to checkout the infrastructure i.e. pkgsrc/mk and you
>will also require all the dependancies from the tree, e.g. complete
>sequence to checkout a functional pkgsrc tree with only bash in it
>you'd need the following;
>cvs checkout -P pkgsrc/mk
>cvs checkout -P pkgsrc/shells/bash
>cvs checkout -P pkgsrc/devel/gettext-lib

Thanks! this is *exactly* the kind of thing I was looking for!

Much appreciated!

I should have known that though. (shame on me! LOL!)

>Whilst this example is relatively simple if you start looking at more
>complex packages with multiple layers of dependancies this starts to
>get much more convoluted.

I'm aware of the problem, I usually use a "source management" type
system and put everything in /usr/local. Very tedious, only good
for a few key things (like apache, where I might want my own settings)

Be neat if I could get those advantages from pkgsrc, but I have a lot to learn
before going that far though :-)

>If you are concerned about the size of the pkgsrc tree because you're
>building small-footprint systems it would be worth your while to set
>up an nfs server on a "host" system and mount the tree from there to
>the "guest" system (I use this approach for building semi-embedded

I'm trying that now. 

Actually, I had thought about that as a means of sharing stuff between
different platforms. I run linux and.. if it works out: DragonBSD. 

I would probably need to export it read-only though.

Thanks for taking the time to point out:

cvs checkout -P pkgsrc/devel/bash

I appreciate it! 

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