Subject: Re: PLIST issues with xorg on Solaris
To: None <>
From: Neil Hoggarth <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/02/2006 14:48:12
On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, Raymond Meyer wrote:

> SPARC Solaris or x86 Solaris? I was trying to build X11 on SPARC Solaris:

SPARC. I wasn't looking to build a server - I just wondered if xorg-libs 
might provide better compatibility with some pkgsrc packages than the 
openwin libraries, since I assume that a NetBSD system would typically 
use xorg or xfree86 and most packages would be developed/tested against 

> The problem you're having building Xorg on Solaris from pkgsrc is related to
> the fact that meta-pkgs/xorg/Makefile.common does not support Solaris. You
> could try copying the following from meta-pkgs/XFree86/Makefile.common
> [...]

Thanks for this.

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