Subject: Re: pkgsrc download / individual strategies?
To: None <>
From: Jamie <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/02/2006 12:31:24
In <>,
"Morgan Reed" <> mentions:
>when you 'make' for an individual package the sources for it and it's
>dependancies will be downloaded and built, there is no way to ignore
>dependancies, however you will be told at the beginning of the build
>what the dependancies of the package are and you can opt to cancel the
>build should you not wish to build these packages, the dependancies
>will change depending on which option(s) you have (de)selected.

Thanks, but, that isn't quite what I meant. (maybe this is more of
a CVS question?) How would I download and maintain the updates 
and patches JUST for a few things? I realize it fetches the sources (a
very nice feature) but it also seems to require the entire CVS
tree for all the instructions on how to build the other stuff.

>to take your example of shells/bash;
>cd /usr/pkgsrc
>cd shells/bash
>bmake all install clean
>The sources will be fetched and built, if you really need to conserve
>disk space also issue a 'bmake distclean' this will remove all the
>distfiles (source tarballs) for the package.

Thats what I did for midnight commander, then I left it. (I knew midnight
commander required glib) so I thought, Ok. Then when I wasn't there to stop
it, glib downloaded the perl stuff and proceeded to install perl and, perhaps
several other things. 

Granted, I planned on building perl anyway, it's just that I wanted
to do that interactively. It sort of took me by surprise.

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