Subject: gnome & kde
To: None <>
From: david aubril <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/10/2006 07:47:48
hum. Always feel a bit uncomfortable when writing to a list of
specialists ( which I am not ). Just a simple user, with a small
knowledge of unix systems. I (try to) use unix as my every-day desktop.
So, if my questions sound silly, I apologize in advance.=20
1=C2=B0) has anybody noticed that when we try to install both kde and gnome=
it messes up gnome menus ? I mean, all the folders and subfolders
appear, even if there is no applications in them.
2=C2=B0) Since pkgsrc is growing, wouldn't it be more appropriate to have
mailings lists corresponding to categories ( gnome, games, multimedia,
audio, misc, etc. ) rather than a hudge mailing list for the all
pkgsrc ? Or, at least, a couple of mailing lists ( server, desktop,
developpement, etc. ) ?
Thanks for your great work and wonderful help.
Best regards,