Subject: Re: parallel/sge 6.x
To: George Georgalis <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/10/2006 01:16:10
On Wednesday 09 August 2006 14:11, George Georgalis wrote:
> Hey! Thanks! There is a lot of work in there :)
> I made some progress, but don't know much about the last error...

I've updated to incorporate your 
points below and to update to the 6.0.8 tarball.

> First in the Makefile, I added -no-jni to to the lines that have
> it below, so JAVA_HOME doesn't need define (sigh).


> The MESSAGE file could include
> sge_qmaster     8701/tcp        # grid engine 6 qmaster
> sge_execd       8702/tcp        # grid engine 6 execd
> (thoes ports are from another install, may (or not) be a good port
> choice.)

I used 536 and 537 as they were the examples used in some Sun document I found 
(and they follow on from 535).  Not sure the sge_commd line is still needed 
but I've left it there for the moment.

> doesn't seem to depend on database/db4, I guess it should by default

? It does depend on it and the dependency is there.

> Then, the DB errors...
>         cd /usr/pkg/sge && ./install_qmaster -csp
> invokes
> ./utilbin/nbsd-x86_64/spoolinit berkeleydb libspoolb
> /usr/pkg/sge/grid/spool/spooldb init
> which looks at /usr/pkg/lib/ and /usr/lib/
> but fails to check where it was actually installed, to quick fix:
> ln -s /usr/pkg/sge/lib/nbsd-x86_64/ /usr/pkg/lib/

The way spoolinit is called from within inst_sge it does look in the correct 
place and load this.

> Similar problem, is only looked for in one
> location, quick fix:
> ln -s /usr/pkg/lib/ /usr/lib/

This was broken and now fixed in the updated patch-am.

> Then I get:
> Initializing spooling database
> critical error: Profiling array is not initialized!

> Looks like a sge software problem. Maybe ./install_qmaster is not
> properly setting env? The other stuff is cleanup, but this one
> looks like some effort is needed, any idea what's wrong?

Thats the initializing databases problem I mentioned.  The person I asked to 
look at it never got anywhere, and I haven't really poked at it myself.  The 
relevant code is in gridengine/source/libs/uti/sge_profiling.c.