Subject: Re: wine 0.9.15
To: david aubril <>
From: Simon Truss <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/30/2006 14:18:39
david aubril wrote:
> Hi again.
> After a while, I tried what you suggested. 
> satellite# netstat -an | grep 631
> It gives a all bunch of lines: 
> "c13288c0 stream  0 0 0 c1328840 0 0
> -> /var/tmp/orbit-david/linc-631-0-752d882135edd"
> I must admit that I don't really know what that means. Just a french
> teacher...

orbit is the Object Request Broker used in the gnome desktop. the line 
here is a unix domain socket. that's not using the network at all so 
nothing to worry about.

one sure fire way to understand what is happening is to pause wine using 
gdb and do a stack dump. This may be rather involved if you are not a 

clearly we need to know more. is wine spinning 100% busy in user mode, 
is it using lots of system time or is it causing some other process to 
spin busy. If its busy doing nothing then it must be a bug inside wine 
(unlikely for these symptoms) or it is causing lots of resources to be 
allocated and deallocated. some hints as to this can be found using the 
following programs:

top, fstat, netstat, 'systat vmstat'

systrace can be used to discover the system calls a program makes, that 
can help identify some behaviors.

have you tried in any of the wine forums?

I used netstat to identify that the Receive queue for mountd was only 
busy when wine was started. This led me to ensure mountd never ran on 
port 631 after poking around wine for a bit.