Subject: iconv problems converting 646 to UTF-8
To: None <>
From: Tyler Mitchell <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/29/2006 03:26:11

I recently did a number of package updates. When running mplayer, I now 
get hundreds of:

 	iconv: conversion from 646 to UTF-8 unsupported

messages scrolling on the screen. When I try to run icewm, I get:

 	IceWM: iconv doesn't supply (sufficient) 646 to Unicode converters.

I see that PR 26053 and 23979 may be somewhat related, but these are old 

For IceWM, I can work around the problem by manually setting LANG or 
LC_ALL, but then the menus have no text (there is just white space where 
the text should be).

I don't normally play with any of the locale-related environment 
variables. Relevant (I hope) lines from my /etc/mk.conf:

 	PREFER_PKGSRC+=zlib fontconfig Xft2 render iconv

Has anyone else noticed this?