Subject: Linux emulation pkgs vs. libraries?
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/27/2006 11:51:39
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I suspect I'm revealing large gaps in my understanding of the Linux
emulation in NetBSD and how packages are supposed to interact with it,
but I need some further guidance.

I need to interact with an Oracle database from a perl script on a
NetBSD/i386 host (running 3.0_STABLE).  I have succeeded in getting
Oracle's 'sqlplus' client working on the host, by installing the
emulators/suse100_base package, and setting a few variables.  I already
have perl with DBI installed from pkgsrc talking to a mysql database, so
I thought perhaps I could just install the p5-DBD-Oracle package.=20
However, depending on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting I use, it either can't
find the right libraries, or it segfaults. (it segfaults if
/emul/linux/lib is in the path).

Thinking a bit more about this, it seems to me that it's NOT going to
work with the NetBSD perl, since I don't think NetBSD and Linux shared
libraries can mix in the same binary.  Am I going to need to install a
completely linux-ified perl for this to work?  Has anyone done this who
can give me pointers?  I'm fairly Linux clueless, but I know the NetBSD
side pretty well, so any suggestions of how to install a linux perl with
DBD::Oracle would be greatly appreciated.  (or other suggestions how to
fix my problem)


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