Subject: Re: PREFER_NATIVE "dependencies"??? (was Re: graphics/cairo build
To: None <>
From: Mark E. Perkins <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/23/2006 10:46:15
On 2006/07/23 09:34, Mark E. Perkins wrote:
> On 2006/07/23 09:20, Mark E. Perkins wrote:
> Replying to myself.... the proper incantation is
> And now cairo builds without complaint. But that makes me wonder about how/why
> various additions to PREFER_NATIVE depend on each other. More to the point,
> how can I be sure that I have a "complete" set of PREFER_NATIVE+=foo ??
> And while I'm confused and asking stupid questions, why is it that pango could
> find my native libz without setting PREFER_NATIVE+=zlib ????
> Mark

More on this... This is with pkgsrc updated ~1000 US EDT today.

OS X (10.4.7 in my case) has openssl and libpcap that have been usable and
found automagically by pkgsrc (and except for cairo, libz has been usable and
found automagically). Now I have PREFER_NATIVE+=zlib in mk.conf (to satisfy
cairo, but as noted previously, that means I also need PREFER_NATIVE+=iconv).

Now I try to build net/wireshark and it wants to build pkgsrc versions of
openssl and libpcap. Removing PREFER_NATIVE+=zlib lets things proceed with the
native versions. Setting PREFER_NATIVE+=libpcap and PREFER_NATIVE+=openssl
also work, of course.

But there's another oddity: with PREFER_NATIVE+=zlib wireshark wants to
install x11/randrproto, but without PREFER_NATIVE+=zlib, wireshark is happy
without randrproto.

Is this expected behavior or is it PR material?