Subject: graphics/xpm installing in wrong directories
To: None <>
From: Raymond Meyer <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/22/2006 10:12:06
Hi, I have XFree86, which I built by hand, as my native X11 system on Sparc
Solaris 10. The following variables are set in my mk.conf:


When building and installing graphics/xpm, for some reason it installed its
libraries into /opt/pkg/xfree86/lib, overwriting xpm libraries that came with
XFree86. The xpm package was built as a dependancy for graphics/gimp packages. 

===> Installing for xpm-3.4knb6
        gid (3, 0, modified)
        gid (3, 0, modified)
installing in ./lib...
/usr/ucb/install -c -m 0644 /opt/pkg/xfree86/lib
+ rm -f /opt/pkg/xfree86/lib/ 
+ cd /opt/pkg/xfree86/lib 
+ ln -s 
/usr/ucb/install -c -m 0644 libXpm.a /opt/pkg/xfree86/lib
+ /usr/ucb/install -c -m 0444 xpm.h /opt/pkg/xfree86/include/X11 
install in lib done
installing in ./sxpm...
/usr/ucb/install -c   sxpm /opt/pkg/xfree86/bin/sxpm
install in sxpm done
installing in ./cxpm...
/usr/ucb/install -c   cxpm /opt/pkg/xfree86/bin/cxpm
install in cxpm done
installing man pages in ./lib... in lib done
installing man pages in ./sxpm...
/usr/ucb/install -c -m 0444 sxpm._man /opt/pkg/xfree86/man/man1/sxpm.1x in sxpm done
installing man pages in ./cxpm...
/usr/ucb/install -c -m 0444 cxpm._man /opt/pkg/xfree86/man/man1/cxpm.1x in cxpm done
cd /opt/pkg/lib &&  /usr/bin/rm -f &&  /usr/bin/ln -f ln: cannot access
*** Error code 2

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/graphics/xpm
*** Error code 1

So, does anyone know why pkgsrc builds graphics/xpm even though it is included
in the native X11 installation, and why does it install its libraries into
${X11BASE}/lib instead of ${LOCALBASE}/lib?