Subject: important notes for all OpenLDAP users
To: None <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/31/2006 20:46:17
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Important notes for all OpenLDAP users:=20

I've split the databases/openldap package in -client and -server
component packages (plus an additional -doc package containing to
openldap admin guide), and made the original openldap package a meta-pkg
depending on the three new packages. =20

Additionally, I've made slapd and slurpd (from openldap-server) run
as non-root.  slapd runs as slapd:ldap and slurpd as slurpd:ldap
(configurable).  They need to run as the same group because slurpd must
be able to read the replication log written by slapd.  Please be sure to
read the openldap-server/MESSAGE file for instructions on how to set the
proper permissions on your existing database.=20

People who were already running slapd and/or slurpd as non-root should
review their rc.conf settings as well, as the slapd -u <user> argument
is now in the rc.d script, and slurpd is invoked via su. =20

Furthermore I've converted all LDAP-based applications in pkgsrc to
depend on databases/openldap-client, and bumped those who depend on it
by default.  Packages using OpenLDAP libraries should now .include
=2E./../databases/openldap-client/  (I'll modify the examples
in the docs in a minute). =20

Please let me know if you encounter any problems, esp. any root->nonroot
migration problems. =20


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