Subject: GNOME port questions (screensaver, keyring-daemon)
To: None <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/30/2006 01:27:23

Perhaps someone who's familiar with GNOME could help me on this.

--I'm wondering how I might instruct the GNOME screensaver application
to check my password properly; GDM has no problem with this but if I
try to lock the screen it doesn't want to let me back in!

--When I try to load "network servers", nautilus dies.  How can I remedy th=

--The keyring manager complains it can't communicate with the
daemon--which seems to be running.

If I could only find the proper documentation, but a lot of this stuff
seems to assume that everything is properly configured by the
manufacturer of my linux distribution.

Thankfully, I do not run a linux distribution, but that kinda leaves
me out in the cold here...

Thanks a lot as always,


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