Subject: Re. Koffice cant build due to threading errors/koffice 1.5 build failure
To: , <>
From: David H.Gutteridge <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/26/2006 13:54:39
Hello fellow KOffice build sufferers,

I haven't tried this yet, but research turned up the following possible
workaround, assuming you don't need krita:

'If you do not want to work with any particular app you can set the DO_NOT_COMPILE environment variable to exclude it. Since I wanted to work only on kword I set mine using:

export DO_NOT_COMPILE="karbon kchart kexi kivio koshell kpresenter krita kspread kugar" '

The above is excerpted from this URL:

I'll try this out tonight myself (I only want kword, personally), and
also have a look at what's going on with the compile, in case I can find
the problem, but I can't make any promises there.