Subject: Checksum for Libtool and suse dependency for Opera-plugin
To: None <>
From: Jim Michael <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/12/2006 06:52:50
I am trying to learn NetBSD coming from a Windows background.  I've 
studied the Installation Guide and the Pkgsrc Guide and am guessing some 
of the answers I need may still be in there, but I don't see them now.  
I've installed NetBSD 20+ times over the past two years to get more 
familiar with it but have hit a few small brick walls.  Any help would 
be appreciated. 

1.  I'm trying to build firefox-bin on an i386 after an install of 
NetBSD 3.0.  The build hangs on libtool and I found that the checksums 
on the files pkgsrc is downloading do not match the checksum files in 
pkgsrc.  I have updated pkgsrc via cvs and run the 
download-vulnerability-list.  What can be done to revolve this problem?

2.  I'm also trying to build opera-plugins and it calls for 
suse_x11-7.3.  However suse_x11-9.1 is installed based on other software 
builds and the build stops when finding the conflict.  Is there a way to 
install both versions?  What is the correct solution?

Thank you for any help offered. 

Jim Michael