Subject: PKGSRC_LOCKTYPE and ${WRKDIR}/.lockfile
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/08/2006 12:24:55
Using PKGSRC_LOCKTYPE works by having a ${WRKDIR}/.lockfile.

This lockfile is created during the tools, wrappers, configure and other 

My problem is that when the tools or wrappers phase is being done it might 
include numerous dependencies that have to be built.

So then I have to wait for the held lock.

I want it to be able to able to build other dependencies instead of 
waiting for lock.

Maybe I should try the recently provided code for doing multi package 
builds. (What was that subject line for that thread?)

Any ideas on improving PKGSRC_LOCKTYPE?

Not using it means that I may have two packages getting built at same 
time and one will end up failing. (But using it, means that I may have a 
lot of wasted CPU time waiting ... "Lock is held by pid".)

 Jeremy C. Reed

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