Subject: Re: textproc/expat and its library name
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/06/2006 14:34:34
Hello Jeremy,

  JCR> In regards to your apachectl problem ... was it httpd
     > itself that was using the old libexpat?

It was probably either that or the Apache PHP plug-in
because those were the two things I was working on at the
time. I would check for you, but I have since removed all of
my packages and I'm gradually rebuilding things from 2006Q1
in the hope that each package will be happy with other
packages from the same release (branch?)  I think I may have
caused my own problem by liberal use of "pkg_delete -f" when
trying to satisfy package dependencies.

  JCR> Was your apache installed via pkgsrc?

Yes it was.  

  JCR> What package? pkgsrc does a good job of not touching
     > custom configuration files. If it was a package
     > problem, we can try to fix it for others.

It was my Apache configuration file.  I should have a) kept
a backup of it and b) made notes so that I would know how to
set it up next time.

  JCR> Maybe someone (or the NetBSD FTP servers) has ready-
     > to-use binary packages for you. What do you need?
     > (What packages? What operating system? What
     > architecture?)

My highest priority is Apache, its PHP plug-in, PHP itself
and MySQL for NetBSD/i386-2.1.  I had over three hundred
packages installed on the other machine that I purged, so
some Spring cleaning was probably long overdue!

- Andy Ball