Subject: Hang of xfig under KDE, caused by libXaw3d
To: None <>
From: Stephan Thesing <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/10/2006 08:38:57

I have experienced the problem that graphics/xfig when run
under KDE as window manager hangs as soon as one presses the first
action button (circle, line, whatever, doesn't matter).

I thought the problem was that the relayout (done for highlighting the button) 
by the x11/Xaw3d library hangs in a loop. This is due to the fact that KDE (or, 
more exactly, KDE's window manager) passes large values for `maximal allowed size' 
as input to the relayout routine of Xaw3d, causing overflows in the 16bit 
values used to calculate sizes there.

I submitted pkg/32445 with a patch for Xaw3d but have seen no reaction, so I am 
curious, if I am the only one, having troubles with xfig.

So: has anybody else seen xfig hang under KDE?
     Does the patch from pkg/32445 solve the problem?

Best regards....
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