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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   mef
Date:           Thu Jun  1 13:28:43 UTC 2023

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
(devel/R-rlang) Updated 1.0.6 to 1.1.1

# rlang 1.1.1

* `englue()` now allows omitting `{{`. This is to make it easier to
  embed in external functions that need to support either `{` and `{{`

* Fix for CRAN checks.

* `stop_input_type()` now handles `I()` input literally in `arg`
  (#1607, @simonpcouch).

* `parse_expr()` and `parse_exprs()` are now faster when
  `getOption("keep.source")` is `TRUE` (#1603).

# rlang 1.1.0

## Life cycle changes

* `dots_splice()` is deprecated. This function was previously in
  the questioning lifecycle stage as we were moving towards the
  explicit `!!!` splicing style.

* `flatten()`, `squash()`, and their variants are deprecated in favour
  of `purrr::list_flatten()` and `purrr::list_c()`.

* `child_env()` is deprecated in favour of `env()` which has supported
  creating child environments for several years now.

## Main new features

* `last_error()` and `options(rlang_backtrace_on_error = "full")` now
  print the full backtrace tree by default (except for some hidden
  frames). The simplified backtraces tended to hide important context
  too often. Now we show intervening frames in a lighter colour so
  that they don't distract from the important parts of the backtraces
  but are still easily inspectable.

* `global_entrace()`, `last_warnings()`, and `last_messages()` now
  support knitr documents.

* New `rlang_backtrace_on_warning_report` global option. This is
  useful in conjunction with `global_entrace()` to get backtraces on
  warnings inside RMarkdown documents.

* `global_entrace()` and `entrace()` now stop entracing warnings and
  messages after 20 times. This is to avoid a large overhead when 100s
  or 1000s of warnings are signalled in a loop (#1473).

* `abort()`, `warn()`, and `inform()` gain an `.inherit` parameter.
  This controls whether `parent` is inherited. If `FALSE`,
  `cnd_inherits()` and `try_fetch()` do not match chained conditions
  across parents.

  It's normally `TRUE` by default, but if a warning is chained to an
  error or a message is chained to a warning or error (downgraded
  chaining), `.inherit` defaults to `FALSE` (#1573).

* `try_fetch()` now looks up condition classes across chained errors
  (#1534). This makes `try_fetch()` insensitive to changes of
  implementation or context of evaluation that cause a classed error
  to suddenly get chained to a contextual error.

* `englue()` gained `env`, `error_arg`, and `error_call` arguments to
  support being wrapped in another function (#1565).

* The data-masking documentation for arguments has been imported from
  dplyr. You can link to it by starting an argument documentation with
  this button:


* `enquos()` and friends gain a `.ignore_null` argument (#1450).

* New `env_is_user_facing()` function to determine if an evaluation
  frame corresponds to a direct usage by the end user (from the global
  environment or a package being tested) or indirect usage by a third
  party function. The return value can be overridden by setting the
  `"rlang_user_facing"` global option.

## Miscellaneous fixes and features

* New `check_data_frame()` and `check_logical()` functions in
  `standalone-types-check.R` (#1587, @mgirlich).

* Added `allow_infinite` argument to `check_number_whole()` (#1588, @mgirlich).

* The lifecycle standalone file has been updated to match the modern
  lifecycle tools.

* `parse_expr()` now supports vectors of lines (#1540).

* Quosures can now be consistently concatenated to lists of quosures (#1446).

* Fixed a memory issue that caused excessive duplication in `list2()`
  and friends (#1491).

* Embraced empty arguments are now properly detected and trimmed by
  `quos()` (#1421).

* Fixed an edge case that caused `enquos(.named = NULL)` to return a
  named list (#1505).

* `expr_deparse()` now deparses the embrace operator `{{` on a single
  line (#1511).

* `zap_srcref()` has been rewritten in C for efficiency (#1513).

* `zap_srcref()` now supports expression vectors.

* The non-error path of `check_dots_unnamed()` has been rewritten in C
  for efficiency (#1528).

* Improved error messages in `englue()` (#1531) and in glue strings in
  the LHS of `:=` (#1526).

* `englue()` now requires size 1 outputs (#1492). This prevents
  surprising errors or inconsistencies when an interpolated input of
  size != 1 makes its way into the glue string.

* `arg_match()` now throws correct error when supplied a missing value
  or an empty vector (#1519).

* `is_integerish()` now handles negative doubles more consistently
  with positive ones (@sorhawell, #1530).

* New `check_logical()` in `standalone-types-check.R` (#1560).

* `quo_squash()` now squashes quosures in function position (#1509).

* `is_expression()` now recognises quoted functions (#1499).
  It now also recognises non-parsable attributes (#1475).

* `obj_address()` now supports the missing argument (#1521).

* Fixed a `check_installed()` issue with packages removed during the
  current R session (#1561).

* `new_data_mask()` is now slightly faster due to a smaller initial mask size
  and usage of the C level function `R_NewEnv()` on R >=4.1.0 (#1553).

* The C level `r_dyn_*_push_back()` utilities are now faster (#1542).

* The C level `r_lgl_sum()` and `r_lgl_which()` helpers are now faster
  (#1577, with contributions from @mgirlich).

* rlang is now compliant with `-Wstrict-prototypes` as requested by CRAN

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile \

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile
diff -u pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile:1.14 pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile:1.15
--- pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile:1.14  Sat Dec 17 01:18:12 2022
+++ pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/Makefile       Thu Jun  1 13:28:43 2023
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.14 2022/12/17 01:18:12 mef Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.15 2023/06/01 13:28:43 mef Exp $
 R_PKGNAME=     rlang
-R_PKGVER=      1.0.6
+R_PKGVER=      1.1.1
 CATEGORIES=    devel
Index: pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/distinfo
diff -u pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/distinfo:1.14 pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/distinfo:1.15
--- pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/distinfo:1.14  Sat Dec 17 01:18:12 2022
+++ pkgsrc/devel/R-rlang/distinfo       Thu Jun  1 13:28:43 2023
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.14 2022/12/17 01:18:12 mef Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.15 2023/06/01 13:28:43 mef Exp $
-BLAKE2s (R/rlang_1.0.6.tar.gz) = 115a824500b16cf8380356a6d96d86cbc796ed4869e8af53db24d270227fc1a5
-SHA512 (R/rlang_1.0.6.tar.gz) = a97aa0ebefd6aae8a3552f6cad967cfe20ecf2278173c64185506c476f6222ea89ace04e068c9858742172d424dfec3fa125ee23cab66bf7244aac7c6a0a6383
-Size (R/rlang_1.0.6.tar.gz) = 742508 bytes
+BLAKE2s (R/rlang_1.1.1.tar.gz) = f9a513de2dc96a59d7525840dc080bb74d19ec835ec2c8f8a9dc06990ac0a890
+SHA512 (R/rlang_1.1.1.tar.gz) = 7d585dc7295a9f1dac66d2bb51c10ff46887e3334b156e6194932b4010d22ebd8cf176c62ef7766b480ca6375d39ab13e969aff3cbb26e615c913da0ece4f12b
+Size (R/rlang_1.1.1.tar.gz) = 762533 bytes

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