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CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun May 22 09:26:22 UTC 2022

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/doc: TODO

Log Message:
doc/TODO: add some

+ ImageMagick-, Mesa-22.1.0, gopls-0.8.4, grpc-1.46.3,
  harfbuzz-4.3, libxkbcommon-1.4.1, ninja-build-1.11.0, py-dill-,
  py-feedparser-6.0.10, py-pip-audit-2.3.0, rust-analyzer-0.0.20220517
  [needs rust 1.60.0].

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.21877 -r1.21878 pkgsrc/doc/TODO

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/doc/TODO
diff -u pkgsrc/doc/TODO:1.21877 pkgsrc/doc/TODO:1.21878
--- pkgsrc/doc/TODO:1.21877     Sat May 21 15:34:03 2022
+++ pkgsrc/doc/TODO     Sun May 22 09:26:21 2022
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-$NetBSD: TODO,v 1.21877 2022/05/21 15:34:03 mef Exp $
+$NetBSD: TODO,v 1.21878 2022/05/22 09:26:21 wiz Exp $
 Suggested new packages
@@ -366,12 +366,12 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o GNUMail-1.2.2
        o Gorm-1.2.26
        o HElib-2.1.0
+       o ImageMagick-
        o ImageMagick6-
        o JBidwatcher-2.5.6 [wants launch4j]
        o LPRng-core-3.8.35
        o Mesa-21.3.8
-       o Mesa-22.1
-       o MesaLib-22.0.3
+       o Mesa-22.1.0
        o OdfConverter-4.0
        o PACK-0.0.4
        o Pantomime-1.2.2
@@ -806,6 +806,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o golem-0.0.6
        o goocanvas-2.0.2
        o google-glog-2.2.2
+       o gopls-0.8.4
        o gossip-0.31
        o got-0.52
        o gourmet-0.13.3
@@ -819,6 +820,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o graphene-1.10.6
        o greed-4.2
        o gromacs-2021.1
+       o grpc-1.46.3
        o grub2-2.06
        o gss-1.0.3
        o gst-plugins1-omx-1.10.0
@@ -847,6 +849,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o h8300-elf-gcc-7.1.0
        o hamster-applet-2.32.1
        o hanzim-3.5
+       o harfbuzz-4.3
        o harmbase2-20210110
        o harminv-1.4.1
        o hashcash-1.23
@@ -1069,6 +1072,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o libvirt-2.3
        o libwebsockets-4.2.0
        o libxdg-basedir-1.2.3
+       o libxkbcommon-1.4.1
        o libzookeeper-3.7.0
        o libzrtpcpp-4.6.6
        o lilypond-2.22.2
@@ -1172,6 +1176,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o netramet-50
        o newmail-1.0.2
        o nickle-2.90
+       o ninja-build-1.11.0
        o nios2-binutils-2.36.1
        o node_exporter-1.1.2
        o npm-8.10.0
@@ -1407,11 +1412,13 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o py-configparser-5.0.0 [drops python-2.x support; pkgsrc only needs this package for python 2.x]
        o py-coverage-6.3.2
        o py-cryptography-36.0.2
+       o py-dill-
        o py-django-4.0
        o py-django-debug-toolbar-3.2.1
        o py-django-tagging-0.5.0
        o py-ephem3-
        o py-fecon235-6.18.1203
+       o py-feedparser-6.0.10
        o py-filebytes-0.10.2
        o py-gammu-3.1
        o py-gcovr-4.2
@@ -1427,6 +1434,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o py-newt-0.52.21
        o py-omniORBpy-3.7
        o py-pdf-parser-0.7.4
+       o py-pip-audit-2.3.0
        o py-postgresql-5.1.2
        o py-ptt-1.10.2
        o py-py3c-1.3.1
@@ -1511,7 +1519,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see 
        o rubber-1.5.1
        o rudiments-1.4.2
        o rump-20131213
-       o rust-analyzer-0.0.20220509 [needs rust 1.60.0]
+       o rust-analyzer-0.0.20220517 [needs rust 1.60.0]
        o rvault-0.4
        o rvm-1.20
        o sabayon-2.30.1

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