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CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/R-knitr

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wen
Date:           Sat Mar 11 12:42:19 UTC 2017

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/print/R-knitr: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.15.1

Upstream changes:


@yihui yihui released this on 23 Nov 2016 · 49 commits to master since this release

    added a new hook function hook_pngquant() that can call pngquant to optimize PNG images (thanks, @slowkow, #1320)


    not really a knitr bug, but knit_params() should be better at dealing with multibyte characters now due to the bug fix in the yaml package viking/r-yaml#6


    Source code (zip)
    Source code (tar.gz)



@yihui yihui released this on 10 Nov 2016 · 63 commits to master since this release

    NA values can be displayed using different characters (including empty strings) in kable(); you can set the option knitr.kable.NA, e.g. options(knitr.kable.NA = '') to hide NA values (#1283)
    added a fortran95 engine (thanks, @stefanedwards, #1282)
    added a block2 engine for R Markdown documents as an alternative to the block engine; it should be faster and supports arbitrary Pandoc's Markdown syntax, but it is essentially a hack; note when 
the output format is LaTeX/PDF, you have to define \let\BeginKnitrBlock\begin \let\EndKnitrBlock\end in the LaTeX preamble
    figure captions specified in the chunk option fig.cap are also applied to HTML widgets (thanks, @byzheng, rstudio/bookdown#118)
    when the chunk option = 'animate' and ffmpeg.format = 'gif', a GIF animation of the plots in the chunk will be generated for HTML output 
    added a width argument to write_bib() so long lines in bib entries can be wrapped
    the inline syntax r#code is also supported besides r code; this can make sure the inline expression is not split when the line is wrapped (thanks, Dave Jarvis)
    provided a global R option knitr.use.cwd so users can choose to evaluate the R code chunks in the current working directory after setting options(knitr.use.cwd = TRUE); the default is to evaluate 
code in the directory of the input document, unless the knitr option opts_knit$set(root.dir = ...) has been set
    if options(knitr.digits.signif = TRUE), numbers from inline expressions will be formatted using getOption('digits') as the number of significant digits, otherwise (the default behavior) 
getOption('digits') is treated as the number of decimal places (thanks, @numatt, #1053)
    the chunk option engine.path can also be a list of paths to the engine executables now, e.g., you can set knitr::opts_chunk$set(engine.path = list(python = '/anaconda/bin/python', perl = 
'/usr/local/bin/perl')), then when a python code chunk is executed, /anaconda/bin/python will be called instead of the system default (rstudio/rmarkdown#812)
    introduced a mechanism to protect text output in the sense that it will not be touched by Pandoc during the conversion from R Markdown to another format; this is primarily for package developers 
to extend R Markdown; see ?raw_output for details (which also shows new functions extract_raw_output() and restore_raw_output())


    the minimal version of R required for knitr is 3.1.0 now (#1269)
    the formatR package is an optional package since the default chunk option tidy = FALSE has been there for a long time; if you use tidy = TRUE, you need to install formatR separately if it is not 
    :set +m is no longer automatically added to haskell code chunks (#1274)


    the package option opts_knit$get('stop_on_error') has been removed
    the confusing warning message about knitr::knit2html() when buiding package vignettes using the knitr::rmarkdown engine without pandoc/pandoc-citeproc has been removed (#1286)
    the default value of the quiet argument of plot_crop() was changed from !opts_knit$get('progress') to TRUE, i.e., by default the messages from cropping images are suppressed


    the chunk option cache.vars did not really behave like what was documented (thanks, @simonkth, #1280)
    asis_output() should not be merged with normal character output when results='hold' (thanks, @kevinushey, #1310)


    Source code (zip)
    Source code (tar.gz)



@yihui yihui released this on 12 Aug 2016 · 845 commits to master since this release

    improved caching for Rcpp code chunks: the shared library built from the C++ code will be preserved on disk and reloaded the next time if caching is enabled (chunk option cache = TRUE), so that 
the exported R functions are still usable in later R code chunks; note this feature requires Rcpp >= (thanks, @jjallaire, #1239)
    added a helper function all_rcpp_labels(), which is simply all_labels(engine == 'Rcpp') and can be used to extract all chunk lables of Rcpp chunks
    added a new engine named sql that uses the DBI package to execute SQL queries, and optionally assign the result to a variable in the knitr session; see for details (#1241)
    fig.keep now accepts numeric values to index low-level plots to keep (#1265)


    fixed #1211: pandoc('') generates foo_utf8.html instead of foo.html by default
    fixed #1236: include = FALSE for code chunks inside blockquotes did not work (should return > instead of a blank line) (thanks, @fmichonneau)
    fixed #1217: define the command \hlipl for syntax highlighting for Rnw documents (thanks, @conjugateprior)
    fixed #1215: restoring par() settings might fail when the plot window is partitioned, e.g. par(mfrow = c(1, 2)) (thanks, @jrwishart @jmichaelgilbert)
    fixed #1250: in the quiet mode, knit() should not emit the message "processing file ..." when processing child documents (thanks, @KZARCA)


    knitr will no longer generate screenshots automatically for HTML widgets if the webshot package or PhantomJS is not installed


    if dev = 'cairo_pdf', the cairo_pdf device will be used to record plots (previously the pdf device was used) (#1235)
    LaTeX short captions now go up to the first ., : or ; character followed by a space or newline (thanks, @knokknok, #1249)

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile \

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

Modified files:

Index: pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile
diff -u pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile:1.4 pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile:1.5
--- pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile:1.4   Thu Jul 28 14:37:35 2016
+++ pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/Makefile       Sat Mar 11 12:42:19 2017
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.4 2016/07/28 14:37:35 wen Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.5 2017/03/11 12:42:19 wen Exp $
 CATEGORIES=    print
@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ COMMENT=        General-purpose package for dyn
 LICENSE=       gnu-gpl-v2 OR gnu-gpl-v3
 R_PKGNAME=     knitr
-R_PKGVER=      1.13
+R_PKGVER=      1.15.1
-DEPENDS+=      R-evaluate>=0.8:../../devel/R-evaluate
+DEPENDS+=      R-evaluate>=0.10:../../devel/R-evaluate
 DEPENDS+=      R-digest>=0.6.4:../../security/R-digest
 DEPENDS+=      R-formatR>=0.10:../../textproc/R-formatR
 DEPENDS+=      R-highr>=0.3:../../textproc/R-highr
Index: pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/distinfo
diff -u pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/distinfo:1.4 pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/distinfo:1.5
--- pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/distinfo:1.4   Thu Jul 28 14:37:35 2016
+++ pkgsrc/print/R-knitr/distinfo       Sat Mar 11 12:42:19 2017
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.4 2016/07/28 14:37:35 wen Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.5 2017/03/11 12:42:19 wen Exp $
-SHA1 (R/knitr_1.13.tar.gz) = 9f3538ddad938cca370b100b90262816bd04efbd
-RMD160 (R/knitr_1.13.tar.gz) = eb61837703ec4d30c46817347e83a1fc079e2c36
-SHA512 (R/knitr_1.13.tar.gz) = dce55ccc55d0bc726bf6ffbcaeb065161de7ac78529ad7df1073a092a30a876cd4dfd1c309f8cd91c7411469945c13640f6e935cca5213ecd546d2435b46da1f
-Size (R/knitr_1.13.tar.gz) = 886610 bytes
+SHA1 (R/knitr_1.15.1.tar.gz) = d1b33ad7682eb287918748217eaf872dc7a88aff
+RMD160 (R/knitr_1.15.1.tar.gz) = 8741a44082652d7335a3593ba5838fbca390dffc
+SHA512 (R/knitr_1.15.1.tar.gz) = 164ef112cac815c56eacfc57568fd9bce740b5a0436a689a59c23b502a37d5f12bf18932092845ddd42e6d4b38afffb4bcad9fe718d0f1e40b6075eb98592e92
+Size (R/knitr_1.15.1.tar.gz) = 1027808 bytes

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