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CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/ruby-sshkit

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Sun Dec 13 17:18:07 UTC 2015

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/security/ruby-sshkit: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-sshkit to 1.8.1.

## 1.8.1

  * Change license to MIT, thanks to all the patient contributors who gave
    their permissions.

## 1.8.0

  * add SSHKit::Backend::ConnectionPool#close_connections
    [PR #285](
  * Clean up rubocop lint warnings
    [PR #275](
    * Prepend unused parameter names with an underscore
    * Prefer “safe assignment in condition”
    * Disambiguate regexp literals with parens
    * Prefer `sprintf` over `String#%`
    * No longer shadow `caller_line` variable in `DeprecationLogger`
    * Rescue `StandardError` instead of `Exception`
    * Remove useless `private` access modifier in `TestAbstract`
    * Disambiguate block operator with parens
    * Disambiguate between grouped expression and method params
    * Remove assertion in `TestHost#test_assert_hosts_compare_equal` that compares something with itself
  * Export environment variables and execute command in a subshell.
    [PR #273](
  * Introduce `log_command_start`, `log_command_data`, `log_command_exit` methods on `Formatter`
    [PR #257](
    * Deprecate `@stdout` and `@stderr` accessors on `Command`
  * Add support for deprecation logging options.
    [PR #258](
  * Quote environment variable values.
    [PR #250](
    @Sinjo - Chris Sinjakli
  * Simplified formatter hierarchy.
    [PR #248](
    * `SimpleText` formatter now extends `Pretty`, rather than duplicating.
  * Hide ANSI color escape sequences when outputting to a file.
    [Issue #245](,
    [PR #246](
    * Now only color the output if it is associated with a tty,
      or the `SSHKIT_COLOR` environment variable is set.
  * Removed broken support for assigning an `IO` to the `output` config option.
    [Issue #243](,
    [PR #244](
    * Use `SSHKit.config.output =$stdin)` instead
  * Added support for `:interaction_handler` option on commands.
    [PR #234](,
    [PR #242](
  * Removed partially supported `TRACE` log level.
  * Add support for the `:strip` option to the `capture` method and strip by default on the `Local` backend.
    [PR #239](,
    [PR #249](
    * The `Local` backend now strips by default to be consistent with the `Netssh` one.
    * This reverses change [7d15a9a]( to the `Local` capture API to remove stripping by default.
    * If you require the raw, unstripped output, pass the `strip: false` option: `capture(:ls, strip: false)`
  * Simplified backend hierarchy.
    [PR #235](,
    [PR #237](
    * Moved duplicate implementations of `make`, `rake`, `test`, `capture`, `background` on to `Abstract` backend.
    * Backend implementations now only need to implement `execute_command`, `upload!` and `download!`
    * Removed `Printer` from backend hierarchy for `Local` and `Netssh` backends (they now just extend `Abstract`)
    * Removed unused `Net::SSH:LogLevelShim`
  * Removed dependency on the `colorize` gem. SSHKit now implements its own ANSI color logic, with no external dependencies. Note that SSHKit now only supports the `:bold` or plain modes. Other modes 
will be gracefully ignored. [#263](
  * New API for setting the formatter: `use_format`. This differs from `format=` in that it accepts options or arguments that will be passed to the formatter's constructor. The `format=` syntax will 
be deprecated in a future release. [#295](
  * SSHKit now immediately raises a `NameError` if you try to set a formatter that does not exist. [#295](

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/security/ruby-sshkit/distinfo

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