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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/redis

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   fhajny
Date:           Fri Jul 18 09:33:58 UTC 2014

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/redis: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update redis to 2.8.13.

--[ Redis 2.8.13 ] Release date: 14 Jul 2014

# UPGRADE URGENCY: LOW for Redis and Sentinel, this is a features enhancement
                   release mostly. Since this release introduces the latency
                   monitoring feature, Redis 2.8 users experiencing latency
                   issues are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

* [FIX] CLIENT KILL minor backward compatibility fixes. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Enable HAVE_ATOMIC for PowerPC. (Matt Stancliff)
* [FIX] More robust PSYNC and AOF rewrites tests. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Solaris build fixed. (Matt Stancliff, Salvatore Sanfilippo)

* [NEW] The new latency monitoring feature, as documented at (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] The COMMAND command, exposing the Redis command table
        as an API. (Matt Stancliff)
* [NEW] Update used memory with C11 __atomic. (Matt Stancliff)

--[ Redis 2.8.12 ] Release date: 23 Jun 2014

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH for Redis, CRITICAL for Sentinel.

# WARNING: This release contains a non backward compatible semantical change
           to Lua script that should affect an almost zero number of users.

       longer makes the selected DB to be set in the calling client.
       So Lua can still use SELECT, but the client calling the script will
       remain set to the original DB. Thix fixes an issue with Redis
       replication of Lua scripts that called SELECT without reverting the
       selected DB to the original one. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Sentinel failover was instalbe if the master was detected as available
        during the failover (especially during manual failovers) because
        of an implementation error (lack of checking of
        SRI_PROMOTED flag). (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Cancel SHUTDOWN if initial AOF is being written. (Matt Stancliff)
* [FIX] Sentinel: bind source address for outcoming connections. (Matt
* [FIX] Less timing sensitive Sentinel tests. (Salvatore Sanfilippo).

* [NEW] redis-cli --intrinsic-latency stopped with SIGINT still reports
        stats (Matt Stancliff)
* [NEW] Sentinels broadcast an HELLO message ASAP after a failover in order to
        reach a consistent state faster (before it relied for periodic HELLO
        messages). (Salvatore Sanfilippo).
* [NEW] Jemalloc updated to 3.6.0. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] CLIENT LIST speedup. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] CLIENT LIST new unique incremental ID to every client. (Salvatore
* [NEW] ROLE command added. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] CLIENT KILL new form to kill by client type and ID (see doc at for more info). (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] Sentinel now disconnects clients when instances are reconfigured
        (see (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] Hiredis update to latest version. (Matt Stancliff)

--[ Redis 2.8.11 ] Release date: 11 Jun 2014

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH if you use Lua scripting, LOW otherwise.

* [FIX] A previous fix for Lua -> Redis numerical precision enhancement
        introduced a new problem. In Redis 2.8.10 commands called from Lua
        passing a string that "looks like" a very large number, may actually
        use as argument the string converted as a float. This bug is now
* [FIX] Now commands other than *PUSH* adding elements to a list will be able
        to awake clients blocked in a blocking POP operation.
* [FIX] Cygwin compilation fixes.

--[ Redis 2.8.10 ] Release date: 5 Jun 2014

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH if you use min-slaves-to-write option.

* [FIX] IMPORTANT! A min-slaves-to-write option active in a slave totally
        prevented the slave from acception the master stream of commands.
        This release includes testes for min-slaves-to-write, and a fix
        for this issue.
* [FIX] Sometimes DEL returned 1 for already expired keys. Fixed.
* [FIX] Fix test false positive because new osx 'leaks' output.
* [FIX] PFCOUNT HLL cache invalidation fixed: no wrong value was reported
        but the cache was not used at all, leading to lower performances.
* [FIX] Accept(2) multiple clients per readable-event invocation, and better
        processing of I/O while loading or busy running a timedout script.
        Basically now the LOADING / BUSY errors are reported at a decent
* [FIX] A softwaer watchdog crash fixed.
* [FIX] Fixed a Lua -> Redis numerical precision loss.

* [NEW] Lua scripting engine speed improved.
* [NEW] Sentinel generates one new event for humans to understand better
        what is happening during a failover: +config-update-from.
        Also the time at which a failover will be re-attempted is logged.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/databases/redis/Makefile \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/databases/redis/PLIST

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