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CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/musicpd

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Fri Apr 18 12:46:58 UTC 2014

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/audio/musicpd: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/audio/musicpd/files: mpd.conf
Removed Files:

Log Message:
Update to 0.18.10. Add support for many more optional dependencies.

ver 0.18.10 (2014/04/10)
* decoder
  - ffmpeg: fix seeking bug
  - ffmpeg: handle unknown stream start time
  - gme: fix memory leak
  - sndfile: work around libsndfile bug on partial read
* don't interrupt playback when current song gets deleted

ver 0.18.9 (2014/03/02)
* protocol
  - "findadd" requires the "add" permission
* output
  - alsa: improved workaround for noise after manual song change
* decoder
  - vorbis: fix linker failure when libvorbis/libogg are static
* encoder
  - vorbis: fix another linker failure
* output
  - pipe: fix hanging child process due to blocked signals
* fix build failure due to missing signal.h include

ver 0.18.8 (2014/02/07)
* decoder
  - ffmpeg: support libav v10_alpha1
* encoder
  - vorbis: fix linker failure
* output
  - roar: documentation
* more robust Icy-Metadata parser
* fix Solaris build failure

ver 0.18.7 (2014/01/13)
* playlist
  - pls: fix crash after parser error
  - soundcloud: fix build failure with libyajl 2.0.1
* decoder
  - faad: fix memory leak
  - mpcdec: reject libmpcdec SV7 in configure script
* daemon: don't initialize supplementary groups when already running
  as the configured user

ver 0.18.6 (2013/12/24)
* input
  - cdio_paranoia: support libcdio-paranoia 0.90
* tags
  - riff: recognize upper-case "ID3" chunk name
* decoder
  - ffmpeg: use relative timestamps
* output
  - openal: fix build failure on Mac OS X
  - osx: fix build failure
* mixer
  - alsa: fix build failure with uClibc
* fix replay gain during cross-fade
* accept files without metadata

ver 0.18.5 (2013/11/23)
* configuration
  - fix crash when db_file is configured without music_directory
  - fix crash on "stats" without db_file/music_directory
* database
  - proxy: auto-reload statistics
  - proxy: provide "db_update" in "stats" response
* input
  - curl: work around stream resume bug (fixed in libcurl 7.32.0)
* decoder
  - fluidsynth: auto-detect by default
* clip 24 bit data from libsamplerate
* fix ia64, mipsel and other little-endian architectures
* fix build failures due to missing includes
* fix build failure with static libmpdclient

ver 0.18.4 (2013/11/13)
* decoder
  - dsdiff: fix byte order bug
* fix build failures due to missing includes
* libc++ compatibility

ver 0.18.3 (2013/11/08)
* fix stuck MPD after song change (0.18.2 regression)

ver 0.18.2 (2013/11/07)
* protocol:
  - "close" flushes the output buffer
* input:
  - cdio_paranoia: add setting "default_byte_order"
  - curl: fix bug with redirected streams
* playlist:
  - pls: fix reversed song order
* decoder:
  - audiofile: require libaudiofile 0.3 due to API breakage
  - dsf: enable DSD128
* enable buffering when starting playback (regression fix)
* fix build failures due to missing includes
* fix big-endian support

ver 0.18.1 (2013/11/04)
* protocol:
  - always ignore whitespace at the end of the line
* networking:
  - log UNIX domain path names instead of "localhost"
  - open listener sockets in the order they were configured
  - don't abort if IPv6 is not available
* output:
  - alsa: avoid endless loop in Raspberry Pi workaround
* filter:
  - autoconvert: fix "volume_normalization" with mp3 files
* add missing files to source tarball

ver 0.18 (2013/10/31)
* configuration:
  - allow tilde paths for socket
  - default filesystem charset is UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1
  - increase default buffer size to 4 MB
* protocol:
  - new command "readcomments" lists arbitrary file tags
  - new command "toggleoutput"
  - "find"/"search" with "any" does not match file name
  - "search" and "find" with base URI (keyword "base")
  - search for album artist falls back to the artist tag
  - re-add the "volume" command
* input:
  - curl: enable https
  - soup: plugin removed
* playlist:
  - lastfm: remove defunct support
* decoder:
  - adplug: new decoder plugin using libadplug
  - dsf: don't play junk at the end of the "data" chunk
  - ffmpeg: drop support for pre-0.8 ffmpeg
  - flac: require libFLAC 1.2 or newer
  - flac: support FLAC files inside archives
  - opus: new decoder plugin for the Opus codec
  - vorbis: skip 16 bit quantisation, provide float samples
  - mikmod: add "loop" configuration parameter
  - modplug: add "loop_count" configuration parameter
  - mp4ff: obsolete plugin removed
* encoder:
  - opus: new encoder plugin for the Opus codec
  - vorbis: accept floating point input samples
* output:
  - new option "tags" may be used to disable sending tags to output
  - alsa: workaround for noise after manual song change
  - ffado: remove broken plugin
  - httpd: support HEAD requests
  - mvp: remove obsolete plugin
  - osx: disabled by default because it's unmaintained and unsupported
* improved decoder/output error reporting
* eliminate timer wakeup on idle MPD
* fix unresponsive MPD while waiting for stream
* port of the source code to C++11

ver 0.17.6 (2013/10/14)
* mixer:
  - alsa: fix busy loop when USB sound device gets unplugged
* decoder:
  - modplug: fix build with Debian package 1:
* stored playlists:
  - fix loading playlists with references to local files
  - obey filesystem_charset for URLs

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 pkgsrc/audio/musicpd/
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/audio/musicpd/files/mpd.conf
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r0 \

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