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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-coverage

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Jan 26 00:52:05 UTC 2014

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/py-coverage: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/py-coverage/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 3.7.1:

3.7.1 -- 13 December 2013

- Improved the speed of HTML report generation by about 20%.

- Fixed the mechanism for finding OS-installed static files for the HTML report
  so that it will actually find OS-installed static files.

3.7 --- 6 October 2013

- Added the ``--debug`` switch to ``coverage run``.  It accepts a list of
  options indicating the type of internal activity to log to stderr.

- Improved the branch coverage facility, fixing `issue 92`_ and `issue 175`_.

- Running code with ``coverage run -m`` now behaves more like Python does,
  setting sys.path properly, which fixes `issue 207`_ and `issue 242`_.

- Coverage can now run .pyc files directly, closing `issue 264`_.

- Coverage properly supports .pyw files, fixing `issue 261`_.

- Omitting files within a tree specified with the ``source`` option would
  cause them to be incorrectly marked as unexecuted, as described in
  `issue 218`_.  This is now fixed.

- When specifying paths to alias together during data combining, you can now
  specify relative paths, fixing `issue 267`_.

- Most file paths can now be specified with username expansion (``~/src``, or
  ``~build/src``, for example), and with environment variable expansion

- Trying to create an XML report with no files to report on, would cause a
  ZeroDivideError, but no longer does, fixing `issue 250`_.

- When running a threaded program under the Python tracer, coverage no longer
  issues a spurious warning about the trace function changing: "Trace function
  changed, measurement is likely wrong: None."  This fixes `issue 164`_.

- Static files necessary for HTML reports are found in system-installed places,
  to ease OS-level packaging of  Closes `issue 259`_.

- Source files with encoding declarations, but a blank first line, were not
  decoded properly.  Now they are.  Thanks, Roger Hu.

- The source kit now includes the ```` file in the root coverage
  directory, fixing `issue 255`_.

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Version 3.6 --- 5 January 2013

- Added a page to the docs about troublesome situations, closing `issue 226`_,
  and added some info to the TODO file, closing `issue 227`_.

.. _issue 226:
.. _issue 227:

Version 3.6b3 --- 29 December 2012

- Beta 2 broke the nose plugin. It's fixed again, closing `issue 224`_.

.. _issue 224:

Version 3.6b2 --- 23 December 2012

- runs on Python 2.3 and 2.4 again. It was broken in 3.6b1.

- The C extension is optionally compiled using a different more widely-used
  technique, taking another stab at fixing `issue 80`_ once and for all.

- Combining data files would create entries for phantom files if used with
  ``source`` and path aliases.  It no longer does.

- ``debug sys`` now shows the configuration file path that was read.

- If an oddly-behaved package claims that code came from an empty-string
  filename, no longer associates it with the directory name,
  fixing `issue 221`_.

.. _issue 80:
.. _issue 221:

Version 3.6b1 --- 28 November 2012

- Wildcards in ``include=`` and ``omit=`` arguments were not handled properly
  in reporting functions, though they were when running.  Now they are handled
  uniformly, closing `issue 143`_ and `issue 163`_.  **NOTE**: it is possible
  that your configurations may now be incorrect.  If you use ``include`` or
  ``omit`` during reporting, whether on the command line, through the API, or
  in a configuration file, please check carefully that you were not relying on
  the old broken behavior.

- The **report**, **html**, and **xml** commands now accept a ``--fail-under``
  switch that indicates in the exit status whether the coverage percentage was
  less than a particular value.  Closes `issue 139`_.

- The reporting functions, coverage.html_report(), and
  coverage.xml_report() now all return a float, the total percentage covered

- The HTML report's title can now be set in the configuration file, with the
  ``--title`` switch on the command line, or via the API.

- Configuration files now support substitution of environment variables, using
  syntax like ``${WORD}``.  Closes `issue 97`_.

- Embarrassingly, the `[xml] output=` setting in the .coveragerc file simply
  didn't work.  Now it does.

- The XML report now consistently uses filenames for the filename attribute,
  rather than sometimes using module names.  Fixes `issue 67`_.
  Thanks, Marcus Cobden.

- Coverage percentage metrics are now computed slightly differently under
  branch coverage.  This means that completely unexecuted files will now
  correctly have 0% coverage, fixing `issue 156`_.  This also means that your
  total coverage numbers will generally now be lower if you are measuring
  branch coverage.

- When installing, now in addition to creating a "coverage" command, two new
  aliases are also installed.  A "coverage2" or "coverage3" command will be
  created, depending on whether you are installing in Python 2.x or 3.x.
  A "coverage-X.Y" command will also be created corresponding to your specific
  version of Python.  Closes `issue 111`_.

- The installer no longer tries to bootstrap setuptools or
  Distribute.  You must have one of them installed first, as `issue 202`_

- The kit now includes docs (closing `issue 137`_) and tests.

- On Windows, files are now reported in their correct case, fixing `issue 89`_
  and `issue 203`_.

- If a file is missing during reporting, the path shown in the error message
  is now correct, rather than an incorrect path in the current directory.
  Fixes `issue 60`_.

- Running an HTML report in Python 3 in the same directory as an old Python 2
  HTML report would fail with a UnicodeDecodeError. This issue (`issue 193`_)
  is now fixed.

- Fixed yet another error trying to parse non-Python files as Python, this
  time an IndentationError, closing `issue 82`_ for the fourth time...

- If `coverage xml` fails because there is no data to report, it used to
  create a zero-length XML file.  Now it doesn't, fixing `issue 210`_.

- Jython files now work with the ``--source`` option, fixing `issue 100`_.

- Running coverage under a debugger is unlikely to work, but it shouldn't fail
  with "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable".  Fixes `issue 201`_.

- On some Linux distributions, when installed with the OS package manager, would report its own code as part of the results.  Now it won't,
  fixing `issue 214`_, though this will take some time to be repackaged by the
  operating systems.

- Docstrings for the legacy singleton methods are more helpful.  Thanks Marius
  Gedminas.  Closes `issue 205`_.

- The pydoc tool can now show docmentation for the class `coverage.coverage`.
  Closes `issue 206`_.

- Added a page to the docs about contributing to, closing
  `issue 171`_.

- When ended unsuccessfully, it may have reported odd errors like
  ``'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isabs'``.  It no longer does,
  so kiss `issue 153`_ goodbye.

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Version 3.5.3 --- 29 September 2012

- Line numbers in the HTML report line up better with the source lines, fixing
  `issue 197`_, thanks Marius Gedminas.

- When specifying a directory as the source= option, the directory itself no
  longer needs to have a ```` file, though its subdirectories do, to
  be considered as source files.

- Files encoded as UTF-8 with a BOM are now properly handled, fixing
  `issue 179`_.  Thanks, Pablo Carballo.

- Fixed more cases of non-Python files being reported as Python source, and
  then not being able to parse them as Python.  Closes `issue 82`_ (again).
  Thanks, Julian Berman.

- Fixed memory leaks under Python 3, thanks, Brett Cannon. Closes `issue 147`_.

- Optimized .pyo files may not have been handled correctly, `issue 195`_.
  Thanks, Marius Gedminas.

- Certain unusually named file paths could have been mangled during reporting,
  `issue 194`_.  Thanks, Marius Gedminas.

- Try to do a better job of the impossible task of detecting when we can't
  build the C extension, fixing `issue 183`_.

- Testing is now done with `tox`_, thanks, Marc Abramowitz.

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Version 3.5.2 --- 4 May 2012

No changes since 3.5.2.b1

Version 3.5.2b1 --- 29 April 2012

- The HTML report has slightly tweaked controls: the buttons at the top of
  the page are color-coded to the source lines they affect.

- Custom CSS can be applied to the HTML report by specifying a CSS file as
  the extra_css configuration value in the [html] section.

- Source files with custom encodings declared in a comment at the top are now
  properly handled during reporting on Python 2.  Python 3 always handled them
  properly.  This fixes `issue 157`_.

- Backup files left behind by editors are no longer collected by the source=
  option, fixing `issue 168`_.

- If a file doesn't parse properly as Python, we don't report it as an error
  if the filename seems like maybe it wasn't meant to be Python.  This is a
  pragmatic fix for `issue 82`_.

- The ``-m`` switch on ``coverage report``, which includes missing line numbers
  in the summary report, can now be specifed as ``show_missing`` in the
  config file.  Closes `issue 173`_.

- When running a module with ``coverage run -m <modulename>``, certain details
  of the execution environment weren't the same as for
  ``python -m <modulename>``.  This had the unfortunate side-effect of making
  ``coverage run -m unittest discover`` not work if you had tests in a
  directory named "test".  This fixes `issue 155`_ and `issue 142`_.

- Now the exit status of your product code is properly used as the process
  status when running ``python -m coverage run ...``.  Thanks, JT Olds.

- When installing into pypy, we no longer attempt (and fail) to compile
  the C tracer function, closing `issue 166`_.

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