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CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/percona-toolkit

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jperkin
Date:           Fri Jan 24 11:15:29 UTC 2014

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/databases/percona-toolkit: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update percona-toolkit to version 2.2.6.  Changes since 2.1.7:

v2.2.6 released 2013-12-18

  * Added pt-query-digest support for Percona Server slow log rate limiting
  * Added pt-agent --ping
  * Added pt-mysql-summary --all-databases
  * Added pt-stalk --sleep-collect
  * Added pt-table-sync --[no]check-child-tables
  * Fixed bug 1249150: PTDEBUG prints some info to STDOUT
  * Fixed bug 1248363: pt-agent requires restart after changing MySQL options
  * Fixed bug 1248778: pt-agent --install on PXC is not documented
  * Fixed bug 1250973: pt-agent --install doesn't check for previous install
  * Fixed bug 1250968: pt-agent --install suggest MySQL user isn't quoted
  * Fixed bug 1251004: pt-agent --install error about slave is confusing
  * Fixed bug 1251726: pt-agent --uninstall fails if agent is running
  * Fixed bug 1248785: pt-agent docs don't list privs required for its MySQL 
  * Fixed bug 1215016: pt-deadlock-logger docs use pt-fk-error-logger
  * Fixed bug 1201443: pt-duplicate-key-checker error when EXPLAIN key_len=0
  * Fixed bug 1217013: pt-duplicate-key-checker misses exact duplicate unique 
  * Fixed bug 1214685: pt-mysql-summary schema dump prompt can't be disabled
  * Fixed bug 1195628: pt-online-schema-change gets stuck looking for its own 
_new table
  * Fixed bug 1249149: pt-query-digest stats prints to STDOUT instead of STDERR
  * Fixed bug 1071979: pt-stak error parsing df with NFS
  * Fixed bug 1223458: pt-table-sync deletes child table rows

v2.2.5 released 2013-10-16

  * Added Query_time histogram bucket counts to pt-query-digest JSON output
  * Added pt-online-schema-change --[no]drop-triggers option
  * Fixed bug 1206677: pt-agent docs reference
  * Fixed bug 1226721: pt-agent on CentOS 5 fails to send data
  * Fixed bug 1199589: pt-archiver deletes data despite --dry-run
  * Fixed bug 1206728: pt-deadlock-logger 2.2 requires DSN on command line
  * Fixed bug 1209436: pt-kill --log-dsn may not work on Perl 5.8
  * Fixed bug 1215608: pt-online-schema-change new table suffix is hard-coded
  * Fixed bug  821692: pt-query-digest doesn't distill LOAD DATA correctly
  * Fixed bug  984053: pt-query-digest doesn't distill INSERT/REPLACE without 
INTO correctly
  * Fixed bug  821690: pt-query-digest doesn't distill IF EXISTS correctly
  * Fixed bug 1210537: pt-table-checksum --recursion-method=cluster crashes if 
no nodes are found
  * Fixed bug  944051: pt-table-checksum has ambiguous exit status
  * Fixed bug 1229861: pt-table-sync quotes float values, can't sync

v2.2.4 released 2013-07-18

  * Implemented pt-query-digest anonymous JSON output
  * Implemented pt-online-schema-change timestamp output
  * Fixed bug 1182856: Zero values causes "Invalid --set-vars value: var=0"
  * Fixed bug 1195034: pt-deadlock-logger error: Use of uninitialized value $ts 
in pattern match (m//)
  * Fixed bug 1137556: pt-heartbeat docs don't account for --utc
  * Fixed bug 1188264: pt-online-schema-change error copying rows: Undefined 
subroutine &pt_online_schema_change::get
  * Fixed bug 1171968: pt-query-digest docs don't mention --type=rawlog
  * Fixed bug 1176010: pt-query-digest doesn't group db and `db` together
  * Fixed bug 1174956: pt-query-digest and pt-fingerprint don't strip some 
multi-line comments
  * Fixed bug 1172317: pt-sift does not work if pt-stalk did not collect due to 
a full disk
  * Fixed bug 1136559: pt-table-checksum: Deep recursion on subroutine 
  * Fixed bug 1199591: pt-table-checksum doesn't use non-unique index with 
highest cardinality
  * Fixed bug 1163735: pt-table-checksum fails if 
explicit_defaults_for_timestamp is enabled in 5.6
  * Fixed bug 1168434: pt-upgrade reports differences on NULL
  * Fixed bug 1168106: pt-variable-advisor has the wrong default value for 
innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct in 5.5 and 5.6
  * Fixed bug 1168110: pt-variable-advisor shows key_buffer_size in 5.6 as 
unconfigured (even though it is)

v2.2.3 released 2013-06-17

  * Added new tool: pt-agent
  * Fixed bug 1188002: pt-online-schema-change causes "ERROR 1146 (42S02): 
Table 'db._t_new' doesn't exist"

v2.2.2 released 2013-04-24

  * Added --show-all to pt-query-digest
  * Added --recursion-method=cluster to pt-table-checksum
  * Fixed bug 1127450: pt-archiver --bulk-insert may corrupt data
  * Fixed bug 1163372: pt-heartbeat --utc --check always returns 0
  * Fixed bug 1156901: pt-query-digest --processlist reports duplicate queries 
for replication thread
  * Fixed bug 1160338: pt-query-digest 2.2 prints unwanted debug info on 
tcpdump parsing errors
  * Fixed bug 1160918: pt-query-digest 2.2 prints too many string values
  * Fixed bug 1156867: pt-stalk prints the wrong variable name in verbose mode 
when --function is used
  * Fixed bug 1081733: pt-stalk plugins can't access the real --prefix
  * Fixed bug 1099845: pt-table-checksum pxc same_node function incorrectly 
uses wsrep_sst_receive_address
  * Fixed bug  821502: Some tools don't have --help or --version
  * Fixed bug  947893: Some tools use @@hostname without /*!50038*/
  * Fixed bug 1082406: An explicitly set wsrep_node_incoming_address may make 
SHOW STATUS LIKE 'wsrep_incoming_addresses' return a portless address

v2.2.1 released 2013-03-14

  * Official support for MySQL 5.6
  * Official support for Percona XtraDB Cluster
  * Redesigned pt-query-digest
  * Redesigned pt-upgrade
  * Redesigned pt-fk-error-logger
  * Redesigned pt-deadlock-logger
  * Changed --set-vars in all tools
  * Renamed --retries to --tries in pt-online-schema-change
  * Added --check-read-only to pt-heartbeat
  * Added MySQL options to pt-mysql-summary
  * Added MySQL options to pt-stalk
  * Removed --lock-wait-timeout from pt-online-schema-change (use --set-vars)
  * Removed --lock-wait-timeout from pt-table-checksum (use --set-vars)
  * Removed pt-query-advisor
  * Removed pt-tcp-model
  * Removed pt-trend
  * Removed pt-log-player
  * Enabled --version-check by default in all tools
  * Fixed bug 1008796: Several tools don't have --database
  * Fixed bug 1087319: Quoter::serialize_list() doesn't handle multiple NULL 
  * Fixed bug 1086018: pt-config-diff needs to parse wsrep_provider_options
  * Fixed bug 1056838: pt-fk-error-logger --run-time works differently than 
pt-deadlock-logger --run-time
  * Fixed bug 1093016: pt-online-schema-change doesn't retry RENAME TABLE
  * Fixed bug 1113301: pt-online-schema-change blocks on metadata locks
  * Fixed bug 1125665: pt-stalk --no-stalk silently clobbers other options, 
acts magically
  * Fixed bug 1019648: pt-stalk truncates InnoDB status if there are too many 
  * Fixed bug 1087804: pt-table-checksum doesn't warn if no slaves are found

v2.1.9 released 2013-02-14

  * Fixed bug 1103221: pt-heartbeat 2.1.8 doesn't use precision/sub-second 
  * Fixed bug 1099665: pt-heartbeat 2.1.8 reports big time drift with 
  * Fixed bug 1099836: pt-online-schema-change fails with "Duplicate entry" on 
  * Fixed bug 1103672: pt-online-schema-change makes bad DELETE trigger if PK 
is re-created with new columns
  * Fixed bug 1115333: pt-pmp doesn't list the origin lib for each function
  * Fixed bug  823411: pt-query-digest shouldn't print "Error: none" for tcpdump
  * Fixed bug 1103045: pt-query-digest fails to parse non-SQL errors
  * Fixed bug 1105077: pt-table-checksum: Confusing error message with 
binlog_format ROW or MIXED on slave
  * Fixed bug  918056: pt-table-sync false-positive error "Cannot nibble table 
because MySQL chose no index instead of the PRIMARY index"
  * Fixed bug 1099933: pt-stalk is too verbose, fills up log

v2.1.8 released 2012-12-21

  * Beta support for MySQL 5.6
  * Beta support for Percona XtraDB Cluster
  * pt-online-schema-change: If ran on Percona XtraDB Cluster, requires PXC 
5.5.28 or newer
  * pt-table-checksum: If ran on Percona XtraDB Cluster, requires PXC 5.5.28 or 
  * pt-upgrade: Added --[no]disable-query-cache
  * Fixed bug  927955: Bad pod2rst transformation
  * Fixed bug  898665: Bad online docs formatting for --[no]vars
  * Fixed bug 1022622: pt-config-diff is case-sensitive
  * Fixed bug 1007938: pt-config-diff doesn't handle end-of-line comments
  * Fixed bug  917770: pt-config-diff Use of uninitialized value in 
substitution (s///) at line 1996
  * Fixed bug 1082104: pt-deadlock-logger doesn't handle usernames with dashes
  * Fixed bug  886059: pt-heartbeat handles timezones inconsistently
  * Fixed bug 1086259: pt-kill --log-dsn timestamp is wrong
  * Fixed bug 1015590: pt-mysql-summary doesn't handle renamed variables in 
Percona Server 5.5
  * Fixed bug 1079341: pt-online-schema-change checks for foreign keys on 
MyISAM tables
  * Fixed bug  823431: pt-query-advisor hangs on big queries
  * Fixed bug  996069: pt-query-advisor RES.001 is incorrect
  * Fixed bug  933465: pt-query-advisor false positive on RES.001
  * Fixed bug  937234: pt-query-advisor issues wrong RES.001
  * Fixed bug 1082599: pt-query-digest fails to parse timestamp with no query
  * Fixed bug 1078838: pt-query-digest doesn't parse general log with "Connect 
user as user"
  * Fixed bug  957442: pt-query-digest with custom --group-by throws error
  * Fixed bug  887638: pt-query-digest prints negative byte offset
  * Fixed bug  831525: pt-query-digest help output mangled
  * Fixed bug  932614: pt-slave-restart CHANGE MASTER query causes error
  * Fixed bug 1046440: pt-stalk purge_samples slows down checks
  * Fixed bug  986847: pt-stalk does not report NFS iostat
  * Fixed bug 1074179: pt-table-checksum doesn't ignore tables for 
  * Fixed bug  911385: pt-table-checksum v2 fails when --resume + 
--ignore-database is used
  * Fixed bug 1041391: pt-table-checksum debug statement for "Chosen hash func" 
prints undef
  * Fixed bug 1075638: pt-table-checksum Illegal division by zero at line 7950
  * Fixed bug 1052475: pt-table-checksum uninitialized value in numeric lt (<) 
at line 8611
  * Fixed bug 1078887: Tools let --set-vars clobber the required SQL mode

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