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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Term-ANSIColor

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Nov 24 10:05:32 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-Term-ANSIColor: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 4.02:

2013-01-07  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Version 4.02 released.

        * Makefile.PL: Add the minimum Perl version to the package

        * t/basic256.t: List the tag first in the import list for
        compatibility with the Exporter from Perl 5.6.2.  Thanks to David
        Cantrell for the testing and debugging.

2012-12-31  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Version 4.01 released.

        * t/strict.t: During coverage checking, skip generic tests that
        don't run module code for a significant speed-up.

        * examples/generate-colors: Add POD documentation.
        * t/critic.t: Also check the examples directory.
        * t/pod.t: Likewise.
        * t/pod-spelling.t: Likewise.

        * t/aliases-env.t: Fix logic for skipping tests when Test::Warn is
        not installed.

2012-12-30  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Version 4.00 released.

        * LICENSE: New file summarizing copyright and license information.

        * examples/generate-colors: Add support for "basic" and "bright"
        test file types that test all the other supported attributes.
        * tests/README: Remove VT100 test files.  The license was unclear,
        and the new generate-colors example script does everything they do
        of significance for this package plus more.
        * tests/ansicolor: Likewise.
        * tests/vt100-torture: Likewise.

        * (PUSHCOLOR): Take an array like all the other
        constant functions and join all arguments together before
        manipulating it.
        * t/basic.t: Multiple new tests for various weird edge cases.

        * (AUTOLOAD): Only honor ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED if it
        is set to a true value.
        (color): Likewise.
        (colored): Likewise.
        * t/basic.t: Test that ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED must be true.

        * t/synopsis.t: New test for SYNOPSIS syntax.

        * Add COMPATIBILITY section to the documentation,
        collecting all information about when features were introduced and
        adding the version of Perl that they shipped with.  Add
        appropriate version numbers to the use statements in the SYNOPSIS.

        * Use coloralias to load aliases from the
        environment.  Improve commenting in the SYNOPSIS.  Document the
        new alias name restrictions.
        (coloralias): New function to set a color alias.  Enforce
        restrictions on the acceptable alias name.

        * t/aliases-env.t: Adjust warning test for new error message.
        * t/aliases-func.t: New test of coloralias.

2012-12-29  Stephen Thirlwall  
            Russ Allbery  <>

        * Add support for custom color names configured with
        the ANSI_COLORS_ALIASES environment variable as set during module
        (color): Support custom colors.
        (colorvalid): Likewise.
        * t/aliases-env.t: New test of custom colors from the environment.
        * t/basic.t: Delete ANSI_COLORS_ALIASES from the environment before
        module load to avoid any effects from the test runner's settings.
        * t/basic256.t: Likewise.
        * t/eval.t: Likewise.
        * t/stringify.t: Likewise.
        * t/taint.t: Likewise.

2012-12-28  Kurt Starsinic  <>
            Russ Allbery  <>

        * Add constants (with tag :constants256) and
        attributes for 256-color emulators.
        (uncolor): Support the three-part 256-color codes.
        * t/basic256.t: New test for 256-color support.
        * examples/generate-colors: New script to generate 256-color test
        or demonstration files.

2012-12-28  Russ Allbery  <>

        * t/basic.t: Test uncolor with \e[m and '' as only arguments.

        * $AUTOLOCAL takes precedence over $AUTORESET,
        reversing the previous behvior.  Document the precedence.
        * t/basic.t: Test for $AUTOLOCAL vs. $AUTORESET precedence.

        * t/taint.t: New check for proper untainting in AUTOLOAD.
        * Comment the untainting of $AUTOLOAD so that it
        isn't accidentally removed as apparently unnecessary.

        * t/strict.t: Ignore t/taint.t for coverage checking, since
        Test::Strict doesn't know how to invoke tests that require

        * t/strict.t: Add test suite coverage checking if running the test
        in maintainer mode.
        * (AUTOLOAD): Drop a redundant check on the result of
        eval so that 100% test coverage can be achieved.
        * t/basic.t: Remove taint checking, which is incompatible with
        coverage testing.  Add tests to achieve 100% coverage.
        * t/eval.t: Remove taint checking.
        * t/stringify.t: Likewise.

        * Document $Term::ANSIColor::AUTOLOCAL.

        * (AUTOLOAD): Support ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED in the
        generated constant subs.  Fixes a bug where the environment
        variable would be ignored if the constant were used before it was
        * t/basic.t: Test for proper ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED support in
        generated constant subs.

        * t/critic.t: New test that runs perlcritic (and perltidy) on all
        source files and checks for violations.
        * t/data/perlcriticrc: New file.
        * t/data/perltidyrc: New file.
        * Substantial reworking to improve coding style and
        layout.  Update to Perl 5.6 syntax.  Unconditionally load Carp for
        * Makefile.PL: Require Perl 5.6.  Remove conditionals for
        configuration that was not supported prior to Perl 5.6.
        * t/basic.t: Update coding style.
        * t/eval.t: Likewise.
        * t/stringify.t: Likewise.

        * t/minimum-version.t: New test for the minimum required version
        of Perl.

        * t/pod-coverage.t: New test for POD coverage.

        * Add use warnings.
        * Makefile.PL: Add use strict and use warnings.
        * t/strict.t: New test for strict and warnings in all code.

        * t/pod.t: Update coding style.
        * t/pod-spelling.t: Use Test::Spelling instead of including a
        less-tested version of the same code.  Update coding style.

2012-03-18  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Version 3.02 released.

        * (AUTOLOAD): Only return pass-through behavior if
        the function that was called was one of our constants, rather than
        turning every unknown function in the Term::ANSIColor namespace
        into a passthrough join function when colors are disabled.
        * t/basic.t: Test proper error reporting with colors disabled.

        * (AUTOLOAD): Preserve an existing value of $@ when
        generating a constant sub and restore it afterwards.  Diagnose
        errors in creating the constant sub and die instead of ignoring
        * t/eval.t: New test for $@ preservation.

        * Add italic and the ITALIC constant.  Document that
        the support for it is rare.
        * t/basic.t: Test italic and ITALIC support.

        * Add "mistyped" as a stopword, required by the
        latest aspell on Debian.

2011-07-20  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Version 3.01 released.

        * Makefile.PL: Change the DISTNAME to Term-ANSIColor.

        * (colored): Only interpret an initial array
        reference as a list of colors, not any initial reference, allowing
        the colored function to work properly on objects with
        stringification defined.  Thanks, Revilo Reegiles.
        * t/stringify.t: New test for proper behavior with non-array
        references in colored.

2011-03-13  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Fix two syntax errors in the SYNOPSIS.  Thanks,
        Jan Hartung.

2010-10-08  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Warn in the documentation that attributes are not
        supported in and will not work with Perl formats.

2010-04-11  Russ Allbery  <>

        * Update the URL for ECMA-048 in the documentation.

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