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CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/qpdf

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed Oct 23 09:07:27 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/print/qpdf: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/print/qpdf/patches: patch-include_qpdf_QPDFExc.hh

Log Message:
Update to 5.0.1:

2013-10-18  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * 5.0.1: release

        * Warn when -accessibility=n is specified with a modern encryption
        format (R > 3).  Also, accept this flag (and ignore with warning)
        with 256-bit encryption.  qpdf has always ignored the
        accessibility setting with R > 3, but it previously did so

2013-10-05  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Replace operator[] in std::string and std::vector with "at" in
        order to get bounds checking.  This reduces the chances that
        incorrect code will result in data exposure or buffer overruns.
        See README.hardening for additional notes.

        * Use cryptographically secure random number generation when
        available.  See additional notes in README.

        * Replace some assert() calls with std::logic_error exceptions.
        Ideally there shouldn't be assert() calls outside of testing.
        This change may make a few more potential code errors in handling
        invalid data recoverable.

        * Security fix: In places where std::vector<T>(size_t) was used,
        either validate that the size parameter is sane or refactor code
        to avoid the need to pre-allocate the vector.  This reduces the
        likelihood of allocating a lot of memory in response to invalid
        data in linearization hint streams.

        * Security fix: sanitize /W array in cross reference stream to
        avoid a potential integer overflow in a multiplication.  It is
        unlikely that any exploits were possible from this bug as
        additional checks were also performed.

        * Security fix: avoid buffer overrun that could be caused by bogus
        data in linearization hint streams.  The incorrect code could only
        be triggered when checking linearization data, which must be
        invoked explicitly.  qpdf does not check linearization data when
        reading or writing linearized files, but the qpdf --check command
        does check linearization data.

        * Security fix: properly handle empty strings in
        QPDF_Name::normalizeName.  The empty string is not a valid name
        and would never be parsed as a name, so there were no known
        conditions where this method could be called with an empty string.

        * Security fix: perform additional argument sanity checks when
        reading bit streams.

        * Security fix: in QUtil::toUTF8, change bounds checking to avoid
        having a pointer point temporarily outside the bounds of an
        array.  Some compiler optimizations could have made the original
        code unsafe.

2013-07-10  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * 5.0.0: release

        * 4.2.0 turned out to be binary incompatible on some platforms
        even though there were no changes to the public API.  Therefore
        the 4.2.0 release has been withdrawn, and is being replaced with a
        5.0.0 release that acknowledges the ABI change and also removes
        some problematic methods from the public API.

        * Remove methods from public API that were only intended to be
        used by QPDFWriter and really didn't make sense to call from
        anywhere else as they required internal knowledge that only
        QPDFWriter had:
           - QPDF::getLinearizedParts
           - QPDF::generateHintStream
           - QPDF::getObjectStreamData
           - QPDF::getCompressibleObjGens
           - QPDF::getCompressibleObjects

2013-07-07  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * 4.2.0: release [withdrawn]

        * Ignore error case of a stream's decode parameters having invalid
        length when there are no stream filters.

        * qpdf: add --show-npages command-line option, which causes the
        number of pages in the input file to be printed on a line by

        * qpdf: allow omission of range in --pages.  If range is omitted
        such that an argument that is supposed to be a range is an invalid
        range and a valid file name, the range of 1-z is assumed.  This
        makes it possible to merge a bunch of files with something like
        qpdf --empty out.pdf --pages *.pdf --

2013-06-15  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Handle some additional broken files with missing /ID in trailer
        for encrypted files and with space rather than newline after xref.

2013-06-14  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Detect and correct /Outlines dictionary being a direct object
        when linearizing files.  This is not allowed by the spec but has
        been seen in the wild.  Prior to this change, such a file would
        cause an internal error in the linearization code, which assumed
        /Outlines was indirect.

        * Add /Length key to crypt filter dictionary for encrypted files.
        This key is optional, but some version of MacOS reportedly fail to
        open encrypted PDF files without this key.

        * Bug fix: properly handle object stream generation when the
        original file has some compressible objects with generation != 0.

        * Add QPDF::getCompressibleObjGens() and deprecate
        QPDF::getCompressibleObjects(), which had a flaw in its logic.

        * Add new QPDFObjectHandle::getObjGen() method and indiciate in
        comments that its use is favored over getObjectID() and
        getGeneration() for most cases.

        * Add new QPDFObjGen object to represent an object ID/generation

2013-04-14  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * 4.1.0: release

2013-03-25  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * manual/qpdf-manual.xml: Document the casting policy that is
        followed in qpdf's implementation.

2013-03-11  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * When creating Windows binary distributions, make sure to only
        copy DLLs of the correct type.  The ensures that the 32-bit
        distributions contain 32-bit DLLs and the 64-bit distributions
        contain 64-bit DLLs.

2013-03-07  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Use ./install-sh (already present) instead of "install -c" to
        install executables to fix portability problems against different
        UNIX variants.

2013-03-03  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Add protected terminateParsing method to
        QPDFObjectHandle::ParserCallbacks that implementor can call to
        terminate parsing of a content stream.

2013-02-28  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Favor fopen_s and strerror_s on MSVC to avoid CRT security
        warnings.  This is useful for people who may want to use qpdf in
        an application that is Windows 8 certified.

        * New method QUtil::safe_fopen to wrap calls to fopen.  This is
        less cumbersome than calling QUtil::fopen_wrapper.

        * Remove all calls to sprintf

        * New method QUtil::int_to_string_base to convert to octal or
        hexademical (or decimal) strings without using sprintf

2013-02-26  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Rewrite QUtil::int_to_string and QUtil::double_to_string to
        remove internal length limits but to remain backward compatible
        with the old versions for valid inputs.

2013-02-23  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Bug fix: properly handle overridden compressed objects.  When
        caching objects from an object stream, only cache objects that,
        based on the xref table, would actually be resolved into this
        stream.  Prior to this fix, if an object stream A contained an
        object B that was overridden by an appended section of the file,
        qpdf would cache the old value of B if any non-overridden member
        of A was accessed before B.  This commit fixes that bug.

2013-01-31  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Do not remove libtool's .la file during the make install step.
        Note to packagers: if your distribution wants to you remove the
        .la file, you will have to do that yourself now.

2013-01-25  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * New method QUtil::hex_encode to encode binary data as a
        hexadecimal string

        * qpdf --check was exiting with status 0 in some rare cases even
        when errors were found.  It now always exits with one of the
        document error codes (0 for success, 2 for errors, 3 or warnings).

2013-01-24  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Make --enable-werror work for MSVC, and generally handle warning
        options better for that compiler.  Warning flags for that compiler
        were previous hard-coded into the build with /WX enabled

        * Split warning flags into WFLAGS in to make them
        easier to override.  Before they were repeated in CFLAGS and
        CXXFLAGS and were commingled with other compiler flags.

        * qpdf --check now does syntactic checks all pages' content
        streams as well as checking overall document structure.  Semantic
        errors are still not checked, and there are no plans to add
        semantic checks.

2013-01-22  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Add QPDFObjectHandle::getTypeCode().  This method returns a
        unique integer (enumerated type) value corresponding to the object
        type of the QPDFObjectHandle.  It can be used as an alternative to
        the QPDFObjectHandle::is* methods for type testing, particularly
        where there is a desire to use a switch statement or optimize for
        performance when testing object types.

        * Add QPDFObjectHandle::getTypeName().  This method returns a
        string literal describing the object type.  It is useful for
        testing and debugging.

2013-01-20  Jay Berkenbilt  <>

        * Add QPDFObjectHandle::parseContentStream, which parses the
        objects in a content stream and calls handlers in a callback
        class.  The example pdf-parse-content illustrates it use.

        * Add QPDF_Operator and QPDF_InlineImage types along with
        appropriate wrapper methods in QPDFObjectHandle.  These new object
        types are to facilitate content stream parsing.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/print/qpdf/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 \
    pkgsrc/print/qpdf/patches/patch-include_qpdf_QPDFExc.hh \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/print/qpdf/patches/

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