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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/mdds

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jaapb
Date:           Thu Aug 22 14:42:57 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/mdds: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Updated package to its latest version, 0.9.0. Changes (apart from bugfixes)
* all
  * added .pc file for pkg-config.
* multi_type_vector
  * added another block function template to make it easier to declare
    container with 3 custom element types.
  * added two variants of release():
    * template<typename _T> iterator
      release(size_type pos, _T& value)
    * template<typename _T> iterator
      release(const iterator& pos_hint, size_type pos, _T& value)
  * added a variant of release() that takes no arguments.  This one
    releases all elements and makes the container empty afterward.
  * added a new variant of position() that takes const_iterator as
    position hint.
    * std::pair<const_iterator, size_type>
      position(const const_iterator& pos_hint, size_type pos) const
  * added compile-time macro MDDS_MULTI_TYPE_VECTOR_USE_DEQUE to allow
    users to specify std::deque as the underlying data array.  By
    default, multi_type_vector uses std::vector as the underlying data
    array container.
  * added a new variant of swap() that allows partial swapping of
    content with another container.
  * added static block type identifier so that the numeric block type
    ID can be deduced from the block type directly.
  * value_type (which is a type of object returned when dereferencing
    an iterator) now stores 'position' which is the logical position
    of the first element of a block.
  * added position_type and const_position_type which are typedefs to
    the return types of position() methods.
  * added char and unsigned char types to the standard types supported
    by default.
  * added position() member method that takes a logical element
    position and returns a pair of block iterator where the element
    resides and its offset within that block.
  * added at() static member method to the data block, which calls the
    at() method of the underlying std::vector container.
  * added release() member method to allow caller to release an object
    stored inside a managed block.
  * added two templates to ease creation of custom element block
    functions when using one or two custom element types.
  * added transfer() member method to allow elements in a specified
    range to be transferred from one container to another.  When
    transferring elements stored in a managed element block, the
    ownership of those elements is also transferred.
  * add variants of set() methods (both single- and multi-value)
    insert(), set_empty() and insert_empty() methods that take an
    iterator as an additional position hint parameter for block lookup
    speed optimization.
  * add support for non-const iterators which allow the client code to
    modify values directly from the iterators.
  * set() methods (both single- and multi-parameter variants),
    set_empty(), insert() and insert_empty() methods now return
    iterator that references the block to which the values are set or
* multi_type_matrix:
  * get_numeric(), get_boolean(), and get_string() are made more
  * added position() method that returns a reference object to an
    element (position object).
  * added variants of get_numeric(), get_boolean() and get_string()
    that retrieves elements from position objects.
  * added variants of set() that sets new element values via position
  * add a variant of the position() method that takes an iterator as
    positional hint.  Note that there is no variant of position() that
    takes const_iterator.
* flat_segment_tree
  * changed the return type of search_tree from bool to
    std::pair<const_iterator,bool>, to make it consistent with the
    search() method.  Note that this is an API-incompatible change.

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