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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/lldpd

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   mef
Date:           Tue Jul  2 16:35:14 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/lldpd: Makefile distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches: patch-configure
            patch-src_daemon_lldpd.c patch-src_daemon_priv.c

Log Message:
  Bump 0.7.2 to 0.7.5
  Following line in Makefile removed.
    NOT_FOR_PLATFORM=     DragonFly-*-*
  Following line in Makefile Added.
  All the patches (for trying to add DragonFly)
    are removed, now DragonFly is supported.

ChangeLog of upstream:
0.7.5 [2013-06-22 13:57:31 +0200]:

 - [2169efb] tokenizer: input buffer was too small (Vincent Bernat)
 - [6712d3e] packaging: update packaging (Vincent Bernat)

0.7.4 [2013-06-22 12:15:47 +0200]:

 - [1381217] bpf: on OpenBSD, invert the filter direction (Vincent Bernat)
 - [96b97fa] NEWS: add an entry for the use of `setproctitle()` (Vincent Bernat)
 - [f0d2157] compat: declare `setproctitle()` as a printf function (Vincent 
 - [19ce813] debian: build-depends on libbssd-dev (Vincent Bernat)
 - [e7103af] lldpd: when no `setproctitle()` available, don't count neighbors 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [480f1c6] lldpd: count number of chassis to get number of neighbors (Vincent 
 - [25eb187] lldpd: don't call `lldpd_count_neighbors()` too many times 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [66879d4] build: use libbsd if available, also use `setproctitle()` (Vincent 
 - [3f70e11] lldpcli: `configure system platform` to override platform 
description (Vincent Bernat)
 - [decaec0] lldpcli: `configure system description` to override chassis 
description (Vincent Bernat)
 - [994b337] lldpcli: split `conf.c` into `conf-system.c` and `conf-lldp.c`. 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [48d0a4b] lldpcli: `configure system interface pattern` instead of 
`configure lldp iface-pattern` (Vincent Bernat)
 - [a3e0896] libevent: use GitHub git tree (Vincent Bernat)
 - [c11e397] debian: sync packaging with official Debian package (Vincent 
 - [e39f079] libevent: switch to patches-2.0 branch to get the appropriate 
automake fix (Vincent Bernat)
 - [8677ddc] git: ignore test-driver, generated by recent automake versions 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [bea0d76] Fixed some boundary conditions in code that cleans remote ports on 
ttl expiry. (Roopa Prabhu)
 - [5aeda65] liblldpctl: fix infinite loop when user is reading fixed chunks 
(Pradosh Mohapatra)
 - [d823429] marshal: fix alignment issue when unserializing (Vincent Bernat)
 - [bea7031] log: fix memory leak when using a log handler (Vincent Bernat)
 - [a8da186] marshal: don't declare serialize/unserialize helper for string 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [02cf035] lldpd: fix an alignment (non-)issue (Vincent Bernat)
 - [bd8a886] lldpcli: don't use an hack to pass the writer to watch callback 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [985a4cb] marshal: provide type-specific serialization/unserialization 
functions (Vincent Bernat)
 - [aba549a] client: fix a memory leak when changing lldpd configuration 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [93afd29] ctl: fix a memory leak when cleaning control socket (Vincent 
 - [e681c85] client: trigger interface refresh when updating interface pattern 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [e26a25c] lib: fix a memory leak when modifying interface pattern (Vincent 
 - [0093777] lldpcli: document "configure lldp iface-pattern" in manual page 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [7e516f1] lldpctl.h: document possibility to write iface-pattern (Vincent 
 - [346a0f6] lldpcli: Add support to set iface-pattern (roopa)
 - [0728cb8] sonmp: allow SONMP unittests to work without a global config 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [ea481e3] man: document tx-hold (Vincent Bernat)
 - [cb5f739] man: tx-interval cannot be set per port (Vincent Bernat)
 - [c10302a] lldpd: Add tx_hold (roopa)
 - [5920dbf] lldpcli: don't rely on `fgetln()` providing a NULL-terminated 
string (Vincent Bernat)
 - [655145c] lldpcli: don't free input line (Vincent Bernat)
 - [d1dc456] lib: keep space for new values in `lldpctl_key_t` (Vincent Bernat)
 - [40116b4] debian: synchronize packaging with Debian (Vincent Bernat)
 - [e91ca9d] release: prepare 0.7.3 (Vincent Bernat)

0.7.3 [2013-05-09 00:05:36 +0200]:

 - [a1728b7] NEWS: add a word about Solaris support (Vincent Bernat)
 - [b1a8985] solaris: less intrusive way to get CMSG_* macros (Vincent Bernat)
 - [815b799] solaris: assume that IP forwarding is disabled (Vincent Bernat)
 - [c3e340b] solaris: preliminary support (Vincent Bernat)
 - [d0787f4] NEWS: add an entry about LLDP-MED fast start. (Vincent Bernat)
 - [486a613] lldpcli: allow to enable/disable fast-start and set delay (Vincent 
 - [d6d42d5] lldpd: enable fast start by default (Vincent Bernat)
 - [be511d0] lldpd: make fast start work only when receiving LLDP-MED LLDPDU 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [b9de0ca] lldpd: fast start support (roopa)
 - [7ba4a18] configure: use `AC_PROG_EGREP` to find a suitable `grep -E` 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [ae5cae0] lib: use uint8_t instead of u_int8_t (Vincent Bernat)
 - [91e0280] configure: display configured OS (Vincent Bernat)
 - [885aa4f] lldpcli: complete the manual page with the syntax of "show 
statistics" (Vincent Bernat)
 - [d947819] lldpcli: summary of statistics is done on provided ports only 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [048ed9d] lldpcli: fix two warnings introduced by the previous commit 
(Vincent Bernat)
 - [adcb76f] NEWS: add an entry for "show statistics summary" command (Vincent 
 - [5331eb2] lldpcli: global stats command (roopa)
 - [1b3eea3] os: add support for DragonFly BSD (Vincent Bernat)
 - [de461f1] netlink: fix IP address discovery (Vincent Bernat)
 - [3fc1a10] lldpcli: fix typo in the man page for setting altitude (Vincent 
 - [45a83f3] bsd: don't report a warning when no media information is present 
(Vincent Bernat)

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/net/lldpd/Makefile pkgsrc/net/lldpd/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/ \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/patch-configure \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/patch-m4_os.m4 \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/ \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/ \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/patch-src_daemon_interfaces-bsd.c \
    pkgsrc/net/lldpd/patches/patch-src_daemon_lldpd.c \

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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