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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/py-anki2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Fri Jun 14 21:13:24 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/py-anki2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.0.11:

    Changes in 2.0.11

If you’re upgrading from 2.0.8, please also see the 2.0.9 & 2.0.10
changes below.
  * 2.0.9 introduced a change that produced cleaner HTML output when
    editing fields, but unfortunately this revealed a bug in the GUI
    toolkit which could cause Anki to crash when editing those fields.
    So the 2.0.9 change has been reverted, and Anki will output divs
    instead of br tags again. This update will not change the format of
    cards that were created in 2.0.9 or 2.0.10 and thus they may still
    cause crashes when editing, but any cards added after upgrading
    should not trigger the toolkit bug.
  * Fix problems syncing when Anki’s running on a mapped network drive
  * Fix problems reporting correct error message when sync fails

    Changes in 2.0.10
  * Fix pasting of images
  * Fix error when syncing media on an unmapped network drive
  * Fix issues with non-latin text in images in card layout and preview
  * Fix unicode error on export
  * Default to allowing HTML on import
  * Fix error when opening card layout
  * Force y axis minimum of 0 in reps graph
  * Fix duplicate searching in Add window
  * Improve type answer comparison of accented characters
  * Make sure we show field when nothing typed in
  * Allow apostrophe when renaming deck
  * Mnemosyne importer tweaks
  * Other minor fixes

    Changes in 2.0.9
  * Improvements to the type answer feature: no more "the correct answer
    was" text, clearer indications of typed vs correct answer,
    customizable colours (.typeBad/.typeGood/.typeMissed), monospace by
    default so input+correct lines up (code#typeans), an example
    comparison in the Cards dialog, and automatic moving of the answer
    comparison underneath the Q/A line. Example attached.
  * The browser now has a preview button that makes it easier to quickly
    browse previews of cards.
  * The /limit to tags/ and /study a random selection of cards/ options
    in the custom study dialog have been merged together into a single
    new option that allows you to study new cards, due cards or all
    cards (cram), optionally limiting to particular tags as well.
  * If Anki detects that the media is out of sync, it will now
    automatically recover on the next sync. Furthermore, it no longer
    needs to send files that already exist on each side, so when this
    change is incorporated into the mobile clients you’ll be able to
    copy media over to them to avoid a long initial media sync.
  * When media is deleted via a sync or unused media, it’s now placed in
    the OS’s trash folder instead of deleted completely. Likewise for
    rotated backups and profile deletions.
  * When notes are deleted, their content is logged in a file called
    deleted.txt in your profile folder.
  * The filter area when selecting decks or note types now matches on
    consecutive characters, and uses spaces to separate search terms. So
    if you had a deck called "German::Verbs", you can search for it with
    "man verb", but not "grman"
  * You can now choose a font size > 20px for the card list. It’s not
    possible to resize the line height for each individual card, so
    choosing a large font size in one note type will make the line
    height large for all cards.
  * Anki should output BRs instead of DIV tags when you hit enter in the
    editor now, which should make editing the resulting text on mobile
    clients easier. Note this will only apply to content you add after
  * Card types are removed with an X on the tab instead of an item in More.
  * Check Database, Unused Media and Empty Cards are now in the Tools
    menu, instead of a submenu.
  * Full Sync is now in the preferences, not in the menu.
  * Syncing now checks to see if the database is consistent prior to
    syncing, and if it finds any errors, it recommends a database check
    rather than a full sync.
  * If a database check finds any errors, it automatically forces a full
  * When closing the collection, check for corruption. This makes
    closing Anki and switching profiles a bit slower, but ensures that
    corruption is detected early so that backups are useful.
  * If user has Add window open and syncs, ask if they want to keep the
    content and cancel sync if so.
  * After uploading a collection, notify user they need to download on
    other devices.
  * More verbose sync conflict message.
  * Shift clicking on a sidebar item in the browser will now OR it with
    the current search.
  * Prioritize HTML over images, so pasting from Microsoft apps pastes
    text again.
  * Timeboxing now pops up dialog instead of a tooltip, with options to
    continue or finish.
  * Don’t import notes multiple times when the note type has been modified
  * Add mature correct/today stat to graphs.
  * You can now hold down the shift key while starting Anki to disable
    add-on loading and automatic syncing (except if you’re on an old
    Linux distro).
  * Make sure to update card order when changing, adding or deleting
    option groups.
  * Make sure to shuffle after importing txt or apkg files if your deck
    options say to shuffle.
  * When exporting to an .apkg with scheduling off (or when sharing a
    deck on AnkiWeb), new cards now have their current order preserved.
  * Anki will now warn when you try to add a cloze deletion note without
    any deletions.
  * Anki will allow you to cloze delete when a normal note type is
    selected, with a popup warning instead of an error.
  * Anki should now run on an unmapped network drive on Windows and
    display images correctly.
  * Ctrl+Shift+T (Command+Shift+T on a Mac) now jumps to the Tags entry
  * When pasting from field to field, strip <span> tags that were being
    inserted by WebKit.
  * When importing from a text file, include a list of all updated or
    duplicated notes in the import log.
  * Fix unused media spuriously reporting unused media with leading
  * Fix cloze+latex issue where multiple answer images were generated.
  * Fix cloze+latex issue where unused media deleted used images and
    created others.
  * Fix error when trying to reschedule with min>max
  * Add scrollbar to About dialog.
  * Don’t allow images to be dragged (and deleted) from the review window.
  * Better warning when importing invalid .apkg file
  * When saving a note, strip quotes from the tags and sort tags in
    alphabetical order.
  * Fix an issue with images failing to show up when they had an
    apostrophe in them.
  * Fix issues with pasting links to sounds/images where the filenames
    had non-latin characters or punctuation characters.
  * Fix issues with pasting invalid links.
  * Deck descriptions are now always displayed verbatim, and not truncated.
  * Fix issues with syncing media on a vfat drive.
  * When inserting a media file that already exists in the media folder,
    checksum all alternative filenames (thanks to Julien Baley)
  * Fix a bug where the number of buttons would decrease from 3 to 2 on
    the second answer of new cards in a filtered deck.
  * Make it clearer when changing deck options will affect multiple decks.
  * Fix an issue where invalid filenames were generated when pasting a
    link to a remote filename with non-latin characters.
  * Fix an issue where rescheduling of relearning cards into new cards
    would cause a later "download the fix assertion addon" message.
  * Allow pasting of a few more audio formats.
  * Fix main window appearing on top after pasting on Windows.
  * The /show duplicates/ feature when adding now correctly shows all
    duplicates in the browser, regardless of their embedded formatting.
  * Allow canceling of note type selection.
  * When clicking Add, make sure to reshow Add window if it’d been
  * Make desktop folder if it was missing when saving stats to image.
  * More checks for the Check Database routine.
  * Fixed a bug where some Windows users were unable to start Anki.
  * Allow overwriting existing files in export (thanks to Chris Burel)
  * Fix an error when user comments out type answer field (thanks to
  * Fixed an issue where a field: search that didn’t match would prevent
    the search from matching anything.
  * Handle cloned note types in mnemosyne importer.
  * Don’t save note if no changes have been made.
  * Fix an issue with unused media and different file name
    representations (thanks to Ospalh)
  * When changing deck in Add window, switch review deck too.
  * Don’t play audio twice when changing templates
  * When hitting /s/ on a deck with no due cards, display a tooltip.
  * Handle non-breaking spaces in furigana markup.
  * Fix bug where some text was being swallowed in error messages.
  * Fix a bug where leading whitespace was being cut off in text imports.
  * Fix inverted sub/superscript shortcuts
  * Make sure sort field is updated when field is deleted
  * Allow HTML in Mnemosyne import
  * Fix downloading of add-ons when running from USB disk
  * Fix field outline (thanks to Frostschutz)
  * Workaround a Qt bug that was preventing clicks on the sidebar in the
    browser (thanks to Frostshutz)
  * Pauker importer (thanks to Frostshutz)
  * Added --version option (thanks to Hut)
  * Fixed an error upgrading very old Anki 1 decks.
  * Use "question" and "answer" for browser labels, instead of "front"
    and "back".
  * When using /change deck/, select the current deck by default.
  * When searching in the browser, use double quotes rather than single
  * Don’t allow invalid characters in filenames when exporting.
  * Allow enter to close the change note type dialog.
  * Fixed a bug where rescheduling learning cards as reviews could cause
    the cards to be in an invalid state.
  * If Anki config can’t be loaded, start with new prefs.db
  * Fixed a bug where Anki would close without saving when it was closed
    while another window was focused.
  * Catch another firewall error.
  * Various other minor fixes.
  * Add shortcut key for history button
  * Work around an issue when backspacing over all text that was formatted.
  * Fix a bug that was causing formatting to be lost when copying
    between fields.
  * Fix line disappearing in card layout.
  * Resize deck options dialog when it’s opened.
  * Ensure cards have correct due number to make sibling spacing work
    when importing.
  * Show profile name in title bar
  * Make sure we focus first field when adding next note when JP support
    add-on installed.
  * Fix a bug where hitting enter in the tags completion list could
    select the wrong tag.
  * When studying a filtered card, clicking Add will default to that deck.
  * Add a hideable warning to the bottom of the deck list when there are
    over 25 decks.
  * Fix issues where images with extra properties weren’t being found in
    unused media.
  * Don’t copy the implicit max-width property on images when pasting
    between fields.
  * Fix a non-rounded number issue in stats
  * Use correct extension when exporting notes/cards as text.
  * Fix alignment issues in top and bottom toolbars
  * Work around a startup problem on misconfigured Windows systems
  * Ignore sticky fields when checking if blank when add window closed
  * Allow multiple spaces in type answer
  * Work around broken images when pasting/attaching on Linux
  * Fix error when sending non-Latin text to trash on Linux
  * Fix a timer bug (thanks to Frostschutz)
  * Fix unicode error on export
  * Fix enter key in add/remove tags dialog
  * Only show browser close menu item on mac
  * Change the way we deal with non-latin chars in filenames on Windows
  * Include full info on sync error
  * Fix modification check in note merge
  * The /full sync/ option should force a sync even if no other changes
    were made
  * Various fixes to the Mnemosyne importer
  * Fix find duplicates feature when fieldname case differs

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