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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/ruby-sinatra

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Sun Jun 16 09:12:18 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/ruby-sinatra: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-sinatra to 1.4.3.

= 1.4.3 / 2013-06-07

 * Running a Sinatra file directly or via `run!` it will now ignore an
   empty $PORT env variable. (noxqsgit)

 * Improve documentation. (burningTyger, Patricio Mac Adden,
   Konstantin Haase, Diogo Scudelletti, Dominic Imhof)

 * Expose matched pattern as env["sinatra.route"]. (Aman Gupta)

 * Fix warning on Ruby 2.0. (Craig Little)

 * Improve running subset of tests in isolation. (Viliam Pucik)

 * Reorder private/public methods. (Patricio Mac Adden)

 * Loosen version dependency for rack, so it runs with Rails 3.2.
   (Konstantin Haase)

 * Request#accept? now returns true instead of a truthy value. (Alan Harris)

= 1.4.2 / 2013-03-21

 * Fix parsing error for case where both the pattern and the captured part
   contain a dot. (Florian Hanke, Konstantin Haase)

 * Missing Accept header is treated like */*. (Greg Denton)

 * Improve documentation. (Patricio Mac Adden, Joe Bottigliero)

= 1.4.1 / 2013-03-15

 * Make delegated methods available in (Konstantin Haase)

= 1.4.0 / 2013-03-15

 * Add support for LINK and UNLINK requests. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Add support for Yajl templates. (Jamie Hodge)

 * Add support for Rabl templates. (Jesse Cooke)

 * Add support for Wlang templates. (Bernard Lambeau)

 * Add support for Stylus templates. (Juan David Pastas, Konstantin Haase)

 * You can now pass a block to ERb, Haml, Slim, Liquid and Wlang templates,
   which will be used when calling `yield` in the template. (Alexey Muranov)

 * When running in classic mode, no longer include Sinatra::Delegator in Object,
   instead extend the main object only. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Improved route parsing: "/:name.?:format?" with "/foo.png" now matches to
   {name: "foo", format: "png"} instead of {name: "foo.png"}. (Florian Hanke)

 * Add :status option support to send_file. (Konstantin Haase)

 * The `provides` condition now respects an earlier set content type.
   (Konstantin Haase)

 * Exception#code is only used when :use_code is enabled. Moreover, it will
   be ignored if the value is not between 400 and 599. You should use
   Exception#http_status instead. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using
   halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)

 * now returns a Sinatra::Wrapper instance, exposing
   #settings and #helpers, yet going through the middleware stack on #call.
   It also implements a nice #inspect, so it plays nice with Rails' `rake
   routes`. (Konstantin Haase)

 * In addition to WebRick, Thin and Mongrel, Sinatra will now automatically pick
   up Puma, Trinidad, ControlTower or Net::HTTP::Server when installed. The
   logic for picking the server has been improved and now depends on the Ruby
   implementation used. (Mark Rada, Konstantin Haase, Patricio Mac Adden)

 * "Sinatra doesn't know this ditty" pages now show the app class when running
   a modular application. This helps detecting where the response came from when
   combining multiple modular apps. (Konstantin Haase)

 * When port is not set explicitly, use $PORT env variable if set and only
   default to 4567 if not. Plays nice with foreman. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Allow setting layout on a per engine basis. (Zachary Scott, Konstantin Haase)

 * You can now use `register` directly in a classic app. (Konstantin Haase)

 * `redirect` now accepts URI or Addressable::URI instances. (Nicolas

 * Have Content-Disposition header also include file name for `inline`, not
   just for `attachment`. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Better compatibility to Rack 1.5. (James Tucker, Konstantin Haase)

 * Make route parsing regex more robust. (Zoltan Dezso, Konstantin Haase)

 * Improve Accept header parsing, expose parameters. (Pieter van de Bruggen,
   Konstantin Haase)

 * Add `layout_options` render option. Allows you, amongst other things, to
   render a layout from a different folder. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Explicitly setting `layout` to `nil` is treated like setting it to `false`.

 * Properly escape attributes in Content-Type header. (Pieter van de Bruggen)

 * Default to only serving localhost in development mode. (Postmodern)

 * Setting status code to 404 in error handler no longer triggers not_found
   handler. (Konstantin Haase)

 * The `protection` option now takes a `session` key for force
   disabling/enabling session based protections. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Add `x_cascade` option to disable `X-Cascade` header on missing route.
   (Konstantin Haase)

 * Improve documentation. (Kashyap, Stanislav Chistenko, Zachary Scott,
   Anthony Accomazzo, Peter Suschlik, Rachel Mehl, ymmtmsys, Anurag Priyam,
   burningTyger, Tony Miller, akicho8, Vasily Polovnyov, Markus Prinz,
   Alexey Muranov, Erik Johnson, Vipul A M, Konstantin Haase)

 * Convert documentation to Markdown. (Kashyap, Robin Dupret, burningTyger,
   Vasily Polovnyov, Iain Barnett, Giuseppe Capizzi, Neil West)

 * Don't set not_found content type to HTML in development mode with custom
   not_found handler. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Fix mixed indentation for private methods. (Robin Dupret)

 * Recalculate Content-Length even if hard coded if body is reset. Relevant
   mostly for error handlers. (Nathan Esquenazi, Konstantin Haase)

 * Plus sign is once again kept as such when used for URL matches. (Konstantin

 * Take views option into account for template caching. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Consistent use of `headers` instead of `header` internally. (Patricio Mac 

 * Fix compatibility to RDoc 4. (Bohuslav Kabrda)

 * Make chat example work with latest jQuery. (loveky, Tony Miller)

 * Make tests run without warnings. (Patricio Mac Adden)

 * Make sure value returned by `mime_type` is a String or nil, even when a
   different object is passed in, like an AcceptEntry. (Konstantin Haase)

 * Exceptions in `after` filter are now handled like any other exception.
   (Nathan Esquenazi)

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