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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-autodie

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wen
Date:           Mon May 13 01:57:39 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-autodie: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.19

Upstream changes:
2.19      2013-05-13 10:02:15 Australia/Melbourne

        * BUGFIX: Loading a file that does not change packages while
          autodie in effect no longer causes weird behaviour when
          slurpy built-ins (like open() and unlink()) are called. GH #22
          Thanks to Niels Thykier.

        * TEST: Tests for leak guard failures for slurpy core functions.

2.18      2013-05-12 18:12:14 Australia/Melbourne

        * TEST: More testing in scope_leak.t.

        * TEST: More testing around packages in truncate.t.

        * SPEED / INTERNAL: Significant improvements in load time,
          especially when autodie is used across multiple files,
          by caching reuseable subroutines and reducing calls to eval "".
          Huge thanks to Niels Thykier, who is a hero of the
          free people, and completely and utterly awesome.
          (RT #46984)

        * DOCUMENTATION: Spelling and correction fixes,
          courtesy David Steinbrunner.

        * DEVEL: Faster and more robust testing with travis-ci.

        * DEVEL: Some simple benchmarks bundled in the benchmarks/ directory.

2.17      2013-04-29 01:03:50 Australia/Melbourne

        * DOCS: Spelling fixes thanks to dsteinbrunner! (RT #84897)

        * DOCS: Fixed github links to point to 'pjf' rather than
          'pfenwick' (GH #18, thanks to Lx!)

        * INTERNAL: Silence warnings about experimental smart-match on
          5.17.11+ (via Brian Fraser and p5p)

        * TEST / BUILD: Generate .travis.yml files for CI testing via

2.16      2013-02-23 01:49:16 Australia/Melbourne

        * BUGFIX: Fix breakages under 5.8.x related to the new
          autodie::skip feature.

        * BUILD / BUGFIX: Remove dependency on

2.15      2013-02-22 23:55:22 Australia/Melbourne

        * BUILD / BUGFIX: Correct meta-info that wanted at least Perl
          v5.8.40, rather than v5.8.4.  Giant thanks to Paul Howarth
          for spotting this!

2.14      2013-02-22 15:43:33 Australia/Melbourne

        * FEATURE: Classes which claim they ->DOES('autodie::skip') are now
          skipped when generating exceptions.  This is mainly of use to
          utility classes. See `perldoc autodie::skip` for more details.
          (GH Issue #15)

        * FEATURE / BUGFIX / INCOMPAT: 'chmod' is now in the ':filesys'
          category (was in ':file').

        * BUGFIX: Added support for 'chown' and 'utime', that was
          previously overlooked. Mad props to RsrchBoy for spotting this.
          These are all in the ':filesys' category.
          (GH Pull #13)

        * BUGFIX: Added support for 'kill'. This is part of the
          ':ipc' category.

        * BUGFIX: Fixed bug whereby chmod, chown, kill, unlink and
          utime would not throw an exception when they didn't
          change all their files or signal all their processes.

        * TEST: truncate.t is now skipped on systems that don't have a
          working File::Temp.

        * TEST: open.t has a few more tests for exotic modes.

        * TEST: chown() tests are skipped on Win32, as chown on Windows
          is a no-op. (Thanks to Mithaldu for spotting this!)

        * TEST: Author tests now look for the AUTHOR_TESTING env
          variable (for dzil compliance).

        * TEST: Better testing for chown, chmod, and unlink.

        * TEST: Better testing for utime.

        * TEST: kwalitee.t is now only run when $ENV{RELEASE_TESTING} is set.

        * BUGFIX: Removed executable bits from some bundled text files.

        * BUILD: We now use dzil to manage autodie.

        * BUILD: Only Perl 5.8.4 and above is supported by autodie.
          Please upgrade your Perl distro if you're using 5.8.3 or

2.13  Thu Nov  8 14:22:03 EST 2012
        * TEST: Deterministic tests in hints_pod_examples.t .
          (RT #80412, thanks to demerphq)

        * INTERNAL: subroutine installs are now done in a
          deterministic order. (RT #80414, thanks to demerphq)

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