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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   morr
Date:           Mon Apr 22 10:41:11 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/vim-share: PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to patchlevel 905.

New patches:
 7.3.763  jumping to a mark does not open fold if it is in the same line
 7.3.764  not all message translation files are installed
 7.3.765  segfault when doing "cclose" on BufUnload in a python function
 7.3.766  ":help cpo-*" jumps to the wrong place
 7.3.767  (Win32) The _errno used for iconv may be the wrong one
 7.3.768  settabvar() and setwinvar() may move the cursor
 7.3.769  'matchpairs' does not work with multi-byte characters
 7.3.770  vim.h indentation is inconsistent
 7.3.771  (after 7.3.769) uninitialized variable
 7.3.772  cursor at wrong location after doing %s/x/y/c
 7.3.773  (after 7.3.767) crash when OriginalFirstThunk is zero
 7.3.774  tiny GUI version misses console dialog feature
 7.3.775  Cygwin and Mingw builds miss dependency on gui_w48.c
 7.3.776  ml_get error when searching, caused by curwin/curbuf mismatch
 7.3.777  when building with Gnome locale gets reset
 7.3.778  compiler error for adding up two pointers
 7.3.779  backwards search lands in wrong place when on a multibyte char
 7.3.780  char2nr() and nr2char() always use 'encoding'
 7.3.781  drawing with 'guifontwide' can be slow
 7.3.782  Windows: IME composition may use a wrong font
 7.3.783  crash when mark is not set
 7.3.784  (after 7.3.781) error when 'guifontwide' has a comma
 7.3.785  (after 7.3.776) crash with specific use of search pattern
 7.3.786  Python threads don't run in the background (issue 103)
 7.3.787  with 'relativenumber' can't see the absolute line number
 7.3.788  when only using patches build fails on missing nl.po
 7.3.789  (after 7.3.776) "\k" in regexp does not work in other window
 7.3.790  after reloading a buffer the modelines are not processed
 7.3.791  MzScheme interface doesn't work propely
 7.3.792  ":substitute" works differently without confirmation
 7.3.793  (after 7.3.792) new :substutite behavior is not tested
 7.3.794  tiny build fails
 7.3.795  MzScheme does not build with tiny features
 7.3.796  "/[^\n]" does match at a line break
 7.3.797  (after 7.3.792) compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
 7.3.798  (after 7.3.791) MzScheme: circular list works wrong
 7.3.799  the color column is not correct when entering a buffer
 7.3.800  the " mark is not adjusted when inserting lines
 7.3.801  ":window set nu?" displays the cursor line
 7.3.802  no error when setting 'isk' to a value ending in a comma
 7.3.803  (after 7.3.792) ":s/a/b/gc" is a no-op when typing 'q'
 7.3.804  (after 7.3.799) compiler warning for tiny build
 7.3.805  Lua version 5.2 is not detected properly on Arch Linux
 7.3.806  compiler warnings in Perl code when using Visual studio 2012
 7.3.807  popup menu does not work properly in some situations
 7.3.808  Python threads still do not work properly
 7.3.809  the dosinst.c program has a buffer overflow
 7.3.810  'relativenumber is reset unexpectedly
 7.3.811  useless termresponse parsing for SGR mouse
 7.3.812  when 'indentexpr' moves the cursor "curswant" not restored
 7.3.813  the CompleteDone event is not always triggered
 7.3.814  Win32 console: problem if 'enc' differs from current codepage
 7.3.815  building with Cygwin and Ruby doesn't work
 7.3.816  can't compute a hash
 7.3.817  test 89 fails with tiny and small features
 7.3.818  when test 40 fails it may leave files behind
 7.3.819  (CORRECTED) compiling without +eval and Python isn't working
 7.3.820  errors when building with small features and Lua, Perl or Ruby
 7.3.821  build with OLE and Cygwin is broken
 7.3.822  (after 7.3.799) crash when accessing freed buffer
 7.3.823  (after 7.3.821) building with Cygwin: '-lsupc++' is not needed
 7.3.824  can redefine builtin functions
 7.3.825  with Python errors are not always clear
 7.3.826  list of features in :version output is hard to read
 7.3.827  (after 7.3.825) Python tests fail
 7.3.828  mappings are not aware of wildmenu mode
 7.3.829  'showmatch' shows wrong match and may scroll the screen
 7.3.830  :mksession confuses bytes and characters when placing cursor
 7.3.831  clumsy to handle the situation that a variable does not exist
 7.3.832  compiler warning
 7.3.833  In the terminal scroll wheel always scrolls the active window
 7.3.834  Ruby 2.0 has a few API changes
 7.3.835  "xxd -i" fails on an empty file
 7.3.836  clipboard does not work on Win32 when compiled with Cygwin
 7.3.837  empty lines in :version output when 'columns' is 320
 7.3.838  (after 7.3.830) insufficient testing for mksession
 7.3.839  some files missing in the list of distributed files
 7.3.840 "\@<!" in regexp does not work correctly with cp932
 7.3.841  parse error in "cond ? one : two" expression with a subscript
 7.3.842  compiler warning
 7.3.843  (after 7.3.841) missing test file changes
 7.3.844  enum is not indented correctly with "public" etc
 7.3.845  (after 7.3.844) enum indenting is not tested
 7.3.846  missing proto file, listing a non-existing proto file
 7.3.847  test 55 fails when messages are translated
 7.3.848  can't build with Ruby 2.0 when using MinGW x64 or MSVC10
 7.3.849  ":g//" gives "Pattern not found error" with E486
 7.3.850  ":vimgrep //" matches everywhere
 7.3.851  empty pattern with :sort incorrect without previous pattern
 7.3.852  system() breaks clipboard text
 7.3.853  "ra" does not replace all chars on multi-byte chars > 1 line
 7.3.854  after BS in insert mode completion current entry is wrong
 7.3.855  compiler warnings
 7.3.856  system() garbles multi-byte clipboard contents
 7.3.857  QuitPre autocommand event does not trigger for :qa and :wq
 7.3.858  "gv" selects the wrong area after some operators
 7.3.859  'ambiwidth' must be set by the user
 7.3.860  in --remote-expr try/catch does not work
 7.3.861  ":setlocal number" clears global value of 'relativenumber'
 7.3.862  dragging the status line can be slow
 7.3.863  (after 7.3.859) 'ambiwidth' detection for ANSI terminal
 7.3.864  (after 7.3.862) can't build without the mouse feature
 7.3.865  (after 7.3.862) mouse position can be wrong
 7.3.866  not serving the X selection during system() isn't nice
 7.3.867  matchparen does not update match when using auto-indenting
 7.3.868  empty line at hit-return prompt with few lines of text
 7.3.869  bufwinnr() matches buffers in other tabs
 7.3.870  compiler warnings when using MingW 4.5.3
 7.3.871  search('^$', 'c') does not use empty match under the cursor
 7.3.872  on some systems file name case is always ignored
 7.3.873  cannot easily use :s to make title case
 7.3.874  comparing file names does not handle multi-byte chars properly
 7.3.875  (after 7.3.866) build problem with a combination of features
 7.3.876  #if indents are off
 7.3.877  (after 7.3.871) forward searching with search() is broken
 7.3.878  'fileignorecase' is missing in options window and quickref
 7.3.879  aborting an ex command does not abort a pending operator
 7.3.880  new viminfo history lines may be replacd with old lines
 7.3.881  Python list does not work correctly
 7.3.882  CursorHold may trigger after receiving the termresponse
 7.3.883  (after 7.3.880) can't build with some combination of features
 7.3.884  compiler warning for variable shadowing another
 7.3.885  double free for list and dict in Lua
 7.3.886  can't build with multi-byte on Solaris 10
 7.3.887  no tests for Visual mode operators, what 7.3.879 fixes
 7.3.888  filename completion with 'fic' does not work for multi-byte
 7.3.889  can't build with Ruby 2.0 on a 64 bit system
 7.3.890  test 79 fails on Windows
 7.3.891  merging viminfo history doesn't work well
 7.3.892  (after 7.3.891) still merging problems for viminfo history
 7.3.893  crash when using b:, w: or t: after closing the buffer etc.
 7.3.894  using wrong RUBY_VER causing Ruby build to break
 7.3.895  valgrind error in test 91
 7.3.896  memory leaks in Lua interface
 7.3.897  configure doesn't always find the shared library
 7.3.898  memory leak reported by valgrind in test 91
 7.3.899  #if indents are off
 7.3.900  not obvious that some mouse features are mutual-exclusive
 7.3.901  outdated comment, ugly condition
 7.3.902  tabline not updated when deleting last buffer in other tab
 7.3.903  (after 7.3.892) crash on exit writing viminfo
 7.3.904  (after 7.3.893) using memory freed by the garbage collector
 7.3.905  (after 7.3.903) crash when writing viminfo

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.137 -r1.138 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.88 -r1.89 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/

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