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CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/viking

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gdt
Date:           Tue Apr 16 01:08:47 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/geography/viking: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/geography/viking/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 1.4.1.

pkgsrc changes: improve patch comment and explain why it is not
filed/applied upstream.

Viking (2013-04-08)
Bug Fix Release + updated translations
* Import Launchpad translation updates [Mainly for large Czech update]
* Fix using .vik files with 'unusual' track or waypoint names
* Fix waypoint selection when the waypoint has an image but the images are not 
being displayed.
* Fix showing map timestamps on Windows on the map tile info dialog.
* SF#3608411: Part 2 - Avoid creating command window on Viking start-up.
* SF#3608411: Part 1 - Avoid warning about unbuffer on Windows Systems.
* SF#3608264: Improve Statusbar Location Info Maybe Truncated
* Prevent inputting empty names for layers and sublayers via the layers panel.
* SF#3608311: Fix crash caused by renaming blank sublayer names
* Be less strigent in loading Geotagged images without optional GPS tags
* Fix use of scaled tile image when tile image not present.
* Enable updating the treeview to allow setting a blank waypoint symbol.
* Improve the Waypoint tooltip to display the description if there is no 
* Fix datasource acquiring waypoints from geotag images.
* Updated geo-* scripts to version released on 2013/02/18
* Fix compilation with --enable-geocaches option.
* help/ explicitly list figures.

Viking 1.4 (2013-02-11)
New features since 1.3.2
* Support for GPX Route type including transfer to/from GPS Devices.
** Replaced 'Add Track' tool with 'Create Route' tool. (NB There still is the 
Create Track tool)
* Support for GPX 'Description' for tracks, waypoints and routes.
* Add ability to Acquire My OSM Traces and ability to choose any subset of the 
available traces.
* GPS Upload from a track.
* Enable giving a track a specific colour (drawn in default draw by track mode).
* Enable drawing all tracks in a specific colour (no longer is Black the only 
* Allow option of drawing a direction arrow when drawing a track.
* Allow configuration of trackpoint size and direction arrow size.
* Display Waypoint Icons in the layers panel treeview.
* Restored Route Finding via Google Services. [Was disabled in 1.3.2 due to 
change in formats supported]
* Only display sublayer container when there are sublayers.
* Display map tile source and cached file information in a dialog for a 
* Quick zoom level change from the statusbar by clicking on the zoom level to 
select another level.
* In the Zoom Tool mode: can select an area to zoom in on (via holding shift 
key + drag mouse).
* Mouse Zooming in/out maintains the position focus on the mouse pointer 
** (Use the keys Ctrl+Shift and mouse zoom to maintain the centered map 
* Improvements in Acquiring Wikipedia Points (allow more points, sortable 
columns, URL and feature type).
* Allow opening a URL on a waypoint which has a URL for a comment or 
* Re-organized TrackWaypoint Layer menus to group functionality together better 
with New, View, Combine, Split, Delete, Acquire and Upload submenus.
* Gradient Graph view on the Track Properties.
* Allow same named TrackWaypoint sublayer items. i.e. can now have 2 (or more) 
waypoints with the same name.
* Add support of a Map type for a local On Disk OSM Tile Format.
* Revised Draw Track by Speed mode with a simple traffic light colouring scheme 
to represent slow/average/fast speeds.
* Enable deletion of track points with the same timestamp.
* Ability to merge segments of a track.
* Allow generation of large pixel sized images.
* Rework image generation to ask for file name first and then only allow 
supported map zoom levels.
* Allow control of waypoint text size on the viewport display.
* Allow control of GPX file saving track order (either Alphabetical or By Time 
via global preference).
* Keyboard shortcuts to create layers and enable some tools.
* Show the bearing and the step distance of the next point when creating a 
track or route.
* Improved feedback in reading erroneous files.
* Improved Help Manual.
* More translation texts including a Finnish version.
* Scripts to support the creation of the Windows Executable Installer.
* Add a python tool to convert the Viking tile cache into a MapBox MBTiles 
format file.
* Many internal improvements.

Fixes since 1.3.2
* Don't accidently overwrite GPX and KML files in the Viking file type.
* Use the default desktop font for waypoint viewport display text.
* Ensure when opening multiple .vik files they are each loaded into a new 
* Show UTM location in statusbar when in UTM mode.
* Fix: crash when dealing with non-compressed DEM files

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/geography/viking/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/geography/viking/patches/patch-aa

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