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CVS commit: pkgsrc/doc

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   kim
Date:           Mon Apr  1 18:27:11 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/doc: CHANGES-2013

Log Message:
Updated graphics/png to 1.6.1 [kim 2013-04-01]

Version 1.6.1beta06 [March 4, 2013]
  Better documentation of unknown handling API interactions.
  Corrected Android builds and corrected libpng.vers with symbol
    prefixing This adds an API to set optimization options externally,
    providing an alternative and general solution for the non-portable
    run-time tests used by the ARM Neon code.  It also makes those tests
    compile and link on Android.
  The order of settings vs options in pnglibconf.h is reversed to allow
    settings to depend on options and options can now set (or override) the
    defaults for settings.

Version 1.6.1beta07 [March 7, 2013]
  Corrected simplified API default gamma for color-mapped output, added
    a flag to change default. In 1.6.0 when the simplified API was used
    to produce color-mapped output from an input image with no gamma
    information the gamma assumed for the input could be different from
    that assumed for non-color-mapped output.  In particular 16-bit depth
    input files were assumed to be sRGB encoded, whereas in the 'direct'
    case they were assumed to have linear data.  This was an error.  The
    fix makes the simplified API treat all input files the same way and
    adds a new flag to the png_image::flags member to allow the
    application/user to specify that 16-bit files contain sRGB data
    rather than the default linear.
  Fixed bugs in the pngpixel and makepng test programs.

Version 1.6.1beta08 [March 7, 2013]
  Fixed CMakelists.txt to allow building a single variant of the library
    (Claudio Bley):
  Introduced a PNG_LIB_TARGETS variable that lists all activated library
    targets.  It is an error if this variable ends up empty, ie. you have
    to build at least one library variant.
  Made the *_COPY targets only depend on library targets actually being build.
  Use PNG_LIB_TARGETS to unify a code path.
  Changed the CREATE_SYMLINK macro to expect the full path to a file as the
    first argument. When symlinking the filename component of that path is
    determined and used as the link target.
  Use copy_if_different in the CREATE_SYMLINK macro.

Version 1.6.1beta09 [March 13, 2013]
  Eliminated two warnings from the Intel C compiler. The warnings are
    technically valid, although a reasonable treatment of division would
    show it to be incorrect.

Version 1.6.1rc01 [March 21, 2013]
  No changes.

Version 1.6.1 [March 28, 2013]
  No changes.

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