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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files/files

On Wed, 20 Mar 2013, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
pkgsrc/pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files/Makefile should probably use REPLACE_SH to replace the interpreter on the #! line in .../files/ Then it would not be run using /bin/sh on Solaris.

bootstrap uses this script directly, bmake doesn't exist by then.

I guess "bootstrap" means "the bootstrap script inside bootstrap-mk-files", not "the pkgsrc bootstrap script".

Why would bmake not exit? Surely you have bootstrapped pkgsrc (via pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap, if pkgsrc is not a native part of your OS), and that would have built bmake, before you try to build and install pkgsrc/pkgtools/botostrap-mk-files?

Just to remind, we're talking about the case of building bmake and accompanying mk files _without_ anything else from pkgsrc framework. You cannot expect people who need only bmake to pull the whole framework.

Really? You are trying to build and install a pkgsrc package without using the normal pkgsrc infrastructure? That was not at all clear to me.

OK, if you insist on doing that, then you won't be able to re-use results that were already figured out by pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap, but you can at least use the same techniques as are used there.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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