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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/aria2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Tue Mar 19 15:48:29 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/aria2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.16.4


aria2 1.16.4

Release Note

This release fixes the bug that active downloads are not saved with
--save-session-interval and the bug that aria2 hangs when size of
download result exceeds its maximum. BitTorrent UDP tracker support
was added. If the filename specified using --save-session ends with
".gz", aria2 stores the session file in gzipped form. The -i option
can handle this gzipped file as well as plain text file. 1.15.2 based
Portuguese translated manual was added.


* Make configure argument meaning more consistent and obvious.

  Most other software uses --disable/--without for features it does
  build or at least check by default.

  Change aria2 configure options so that:

  * --enable-*: do not build by default, unless --enable specified
  * --disable-*: check and build by default, unless --disable specified
  * --with-*: do not use by default, unless --with specified
  * --without-*: check and use by default, unless without specified

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Allow for out-of-tree Sphinx builds

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Bring back datetime in console log

* Run checksum check if -V and -c are used and file is completed

  With -c option, aria2 can continue download after the existing file
  position. If it is not completed, then after completion aria2 runs
  checksum checking if available. But if existing file has already
  been completed, then CreateRequestCommand exits without issuing
  checksum checking. And aria2 treats it download error because it
  needs checksum verification but it has not been done. This change
  fixes this by properly checking download state and issue checksum
  checking before CreateRequestCommand.

* Support for gzipped -i and --save-session

  Saved sessions may very large, as in hundreds and even thousands of
  megabyte when dealing with large queues.  Add support to save and
  reload sessions to gzipped files, when libz is available.

  The session serializer will output gzipped contents when the file
  ends with .gz, while the input file reader (UriListParser) will
  accept whatever is thrown at it.

  Document -i/--save-session gzip behaviour

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Do not use a virtual varargs function

  This stuff breaks in some compiler (configurations)

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Check for sys/signal.h and/or signal.h

  mingw-w64 does not actually have sys/signal.h, while OSX currently
  has a broken signal.h Better check the presence of both and use
  sys/signal.h if present, else signal.h

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Hygiene: Fix some clang warnings, mostly unused private members.

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Fix bustage on OSX with ./configure CC=cc CXX=c++ (clang)

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Do not reference RequestGroups longer than necessary

  There is an initial vector of SharedHandle<RequestGroup> to seed the
  DownloadEngine. This vector was however kept alive via ->
  MultiUrlRequestInfo up until the program exits, hence effetively
  leaking all initial RequestGroups and associated object instances.

  Hence, as a matter of dirty-workaround, drop the contents of that
  initial vector as soon as it is not required any longer.

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Detect console with on Windows

  Contributed by Nils Maier

* Fix infinite loop when size of downloadResults_ exceeds maxDownloadResult_

* Support BitTorrent UDP tracker

  It shares UDP listening port with IPv4 DHT. At the moment, in order
  to enable UDP tracker support, enable IPv4 DHT.

* Show correct end byte in error message when HTTP response range is not ok

  Previously, unless HTTP pipelining is enabled, end byte in that
  message is always 0. With this change, it shows correct end byte
  sent to the HTTP server.

* Add Portuguese manual

  This translation is based on aria2 version 1.15.2 manual.
  Contributed by Gilberto dos Santos Alves

* Fix bug that active downloads are not saved with --save-session-interval

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