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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/nginx-devel

Thanks for proding the nginx-devel package, iMil!

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 05:06:54PM +0000, Emile iMil Heitor wrote:
> Module Name:  pkgsrc
> Committed By: imil
> Date:         Fri Feb 22 17:06:54 UTC 2013
> Added Files:
>       pkgsrc/www/nginx-devel: DESCR MESSAGE Makefile PLIST distinfo
>       pkgsrc/www/nginx-devel/files:
>       pkgsrc/www/nginx-devel/patches: patch-aa patch-ab
> Log Message:
> Initial import of nginx-devel, version 1.3.13, into the NetBSD Packages
> Collection.
> nginx (pronounced "engine X") is a lightweight web (HTTP) server/reverse proxy
> and mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy written by Igor Sysoev.
> nginx has been running for more than three years on many heavily loaded 
> Russian
> sites including Rambler (  In March 2007 about 20% of all
> Russian virtual hosts were served or proxied by nginx.  According to Google
> Online Security Blog nginx serves or proxies about 4% of all Internet virtual
> hosts, although Netcraft shows much less percent.
> The sources are licensed under a BSD-like license.

I thought I'd share some more recent figures.

According to:

nginx is now the second most popular web server, although those figures are a 
old (Jan 4th 2012).

Netcraft puts nginx in 3rd place across all domains, although apache
and IIS share continues to fall, while nginx is rising:

and for active sites, nginx is in 2nd place ahead of IIS:

Developer       January 2013    Percent February 2013   Percent Change
Apache          103,682,570     55.50%  101,558,682     54.92%  -0.58
nginx           22,227,083      11.90%  21,970,144      11.88%  -0.02
Microsoft       21,211,254      11.35%  21,484,151      11.62%  0.26
Google          15,022,947      8.04%   14,976,221      8.10%   0.06

I also know that nginx is being used to shift a huge volume of bits, rather
than just number of active sites. See, for example,

(and I have to declare an interest here, I work for them).


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